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My Lordzzz - A First Look At Our Class 50

My Lordzzz - A First Look At Our Class 50

Our all new Class 50 has been very well received since we announced the project at the 2022 Warley show last November. At that time we presented the project with a 3D print and some early tooled parts.

A fully made EP came to us around the turn of the year, and although we teased shots of it via social media, we haven't shown them in all their splendour, until now!

We've been busy assessing these samples and testing them thoroughly, ensuring that we create the very best possible Class 50 we can. While the shape and detail is spot on, and the finesse is largely where we want it to be, there is always room for improvement.


Firstly, the body isn't sitting exactly right on the chassis, but this is a fit and finish issue which is common on first samples and will be sorted for production with ease. The pick up strips will also be chemically blackened so they do not stand out on the bogies as they do on these samples.

 The fit and finish of the bodyside grilles will also be addressed, as although they look very nice indeed, they just require minor fettling to get them spot on. The battery box switch was mounted incorrectly and some of the roof parts also need attention.

However, these are minor improvements that are required and will be addressed on the finished models. We're delighted with the overall look and feel of the model, as well as the performance and features like motorised fan, power pack, lighting arrangements and smoothness of the drivetrain.

Decorated samples are currently underway at our factory and we will preview them in the coming weeks, along with our samples in action with our sound file to give you a feel for performance and how these beasties will sound on your layout. At this time we are on course for delivery of Q4 2023 at the end of this year.

Are you as excited as we are? With Vacs, Mark 2b and Mark 2c coaches all on the way, it's an amazing time to be a BR Western Region modeller. Make sure you get your pre-order in today via your local stockist, or no money down with us direct, including 'Accurascale Exclusives' models of 50 007 and 50 149.

Pre-Order Your Class 50 By Clicking Here!


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