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Accurascale Research Team - Three Figure Pack - OO (1/76th) Scale

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Utilising the latest in full-colour 3D scanning and printing technology, these figures are designed and produced in the UK specifically for Accurascale. Printed in full colour. No painting required; a first for RTR OO Scale! Simply glue into place on your layout or diorama. 

Warning: Figures are not guaranteed to begin producing 1:5776th models for your layout.

  • 3D Printed three-figure accurascale research survey team
  • Supplied ready to fit, in full COLOUR 3D Print (Not Painted)
  • Produced in association with Modelu
  •  Made in Great Britain 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Good idea

I like the figures, they are supporting my dad on his 3d printing journey. The little box makes sures the guys keep their limbs and instruments when undertaking an excursion in the field. The idea of modelling the accurascale team adds to the personal and close touch of the company

Ian H.
What a cracking idea!!

Absolutely brilliant to have the Accurascale research team working at Brockholme. There’s plenty of locos on the site so they’ve been busy already. Great to have Islsey and team enjoying themselves!!

Greg H.
Great figures

Attention to detail as always is great, a perfect addition to your layout or diorama!

Research team figures

Great figures and something completely different.I thought the orange for the hi Vis was a bit dull but it does not detract anything from the figures.Just got to decide where to put them now!

Roy L.
Perfect to measure a Class 40

Well, these three cheeky chappies look perfect for setting up a cameo scene on my photo plank. They may be small, but they are full of character.

Gary B.
Accurascale Team - Three Figure Pack

Very pleased with the quality of this product. The colour finish looks great and the figures are stable on flat ground without glue, making them very easy to position on the layout.

Reviewer avatar
John C.
Realisism in micro scale.

A three man measurement team release of 00 scale figures taking measurements and photos. As with the Deltic Class 55 drivers, these 3D scanned workers have amazing details. Looking through a magnifying glass, the faces are so real, with astonishing, detailed clothing. They are beautifully painted to a high degree for such small items. They will make a great cameo of a team gathering info from rolling stock to be made into scale model replicants. I say that because if you look carefully at the back of the safety vests, you will see a lower case 'a' logo for accurascale on them. As a lovely touch to these researchers and a marvellous product, the company has produced.

Josh P.
Excellent Figures

These figures are amazing

Robert B.
A great little addition to a layout

I ordered these figures one morning and they arrived safe and sound within 30 hours! A great little trio to grace any layout.

Accurascale Research Team Visit to Stewart's Lane TMD, London.

This was an EXCELLENT idea from the Accurascale team! I personally had a LOT of fun photographing them on my layout and posting a spoof visit ‘cameo’ on RMWeb, under my Shedmaster ID. Honestly, this is a great, fun product and frankly, Accurascale can do no wrong in my opinion. Everything you do is very obviously and clearly done to the highest standards that are REAL and DEMONSTRABLE, never requiring advertising nonsense to make up for a poor product! Im sorry if it appears harsh, but I do NOT want to see other companies ‘look and learn’ from the example you set. They’ve had their time. It's now YOUR time. Please keep up the excellent work and the excellent interaction with your followers. Thankyou.