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Class 55 'Deltic' Lokpilot DCC Decoder

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Locomotive DCC Decoder

LokPilot DCC Decoder (No Sound)

Custom programmed for accurascale Locomotives, to take advantage of the full lighting suite and PowerPack.

Common Features:

  • The LokPilot 5 decoder can be used on analog DC and AC railways.The decoder switches between the operating modes fully automatically "on-the-fly". Usually nothing needs to be set.


    We know that you want your locomotives to be as realistic as possible. Therefore, we packed the LokPilot 5 with function outputs. Depending on the interface version, each LokPilot 5 decoder offers at least 10 amplified function outputs with 250mA output current each. In the versions with PluX22 or 21MTC interface, 4 outputs are added to control servos or logic level outputs. All important lighting functions are available. The brightness of each output can be set separately. The decoder masters the automatic pressing and detaching when uncoupling for ROCO®, Krois® and Telex® couplings.

    Motor control

    The engine control of the LokPilot 5 has been fundamentally improved again. A variably adjustable PWM clock frequency from 10kHz to 50kHz ensures super quiet operation, especially with bell-armature motors - the typical "hum" is a thing of the past. The load control can now be adapted to difficult cases with up to 10 CVs. The unique "Autotune" function enables the decoder to be automatically calibrated to the motor. With up to 1.5A motor current, the LokPilot 5 decoder provides enough juice even for older motors.

    Operational safety

    A PowerPack can be connected to the LokPilot 5 to bridge dirty rail sections and is included in all accurascale locos as standard


    Of course, all function outputs and the motor output are protected against overload. We want you to enjoy your decoder for as long as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Marcus D.
Upgrade for DCC

I purchased this decoder in preparation for my upgrade to DCC later this year.

The installation could not have been easier pop the cover off the roof of the class 55 pop out the blanking plate and replace the DCC decoder.

I am currently running the Class 55 on a DC layout but have installed the DCC Decoder the speed control is improved and the the cab lights now work on DC.

Overall simple installation and works on DC.

Ian B.
Quality decoder - good price.

Good quality LokPilot 5 decoder. Performance as expected from an ESU decoder.

Michael L.
Handy Pre-Programmed Decoder

A nice addition to the recent Deltic review, this pre-configured decoder takes care of everything straight out of the box. Just need to change the loco address and off you go. Amazing work Accurascale.

Michael H.
Deltic Fit

Easy fit, for great smooth running wonder.

Trevor P.
Deltic' Lokpilot DCC Decoder

Simply plug in and go with no need to program CVs. Great value in the Black Friday sale.

Lokpilot decoder for Deltic

Easy and quick to fit. Gives perfect locomotive control. All lighting functions pre set. Perfect!

Jon M.
Lok Pilot 5 from Accurascale

Just ordered two Lok Pilot 5 decoders for use with the Accurascale Deltic models.
Delivery was quick and the goods arrived safely.
The decoders were simple to fit, thanks to the removable roof section design of the model.
This decoder is non sound and operates the motor and lighting functions on the model. All lighting functions have been dimmed by Accurascale to faithfully represent the level of illumination on the real locomotives, which is a nice touch. The lights have also been programmed to switch on and off softly to represent an incandescent bulb.
My only criticism is the function assignments. The usual F0 is marker lights on and off. Then jump up to F11 for tail lamps (directional), F12 for cab lights (directional) then jump up to F25 for engine room lights. I understand the assignments are likely to be for sound decoders, but would be handy if they were grouped closely together for non sound decoders. Just my own opinion.
Still deserves 5 stars for dim lights, soft illumination, ease of fitting and quick delivery. A great product

Gareth J.
DCC chip

Not had chance to put it into a Deltic yet but I expect it to be the quality we have come to expect from Accurascale.

Stephen P.
Top Value Decoder!

Worked straight out of the box and does exactly what is says on the tin!
Better still is the price with free shipping and with discounts I just couldn't resist, Accurascale delivering affordable quality once again.

Wayne A.

Well Packaged and possibly the easiest DCC chip figment you’ll ever carry out.

Worked perfectly and an ideal accompaniment for your Deltic without the hassle of reprogramming a decoder yourself.