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7818 – ‘Granville Manor' GWR 7800

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7818 – ‘Granville Manor '

  • GWR - Great Western Railway - Plain Green with G-Crest-W on Tender
  • Original Chimney
  • Riveted Tender Body
  • Narrow hornplates

Common Features:

  • Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track
  • Based on 3D scan of 7808 Cookham Manor and full works drawings provided by Great Western Society, Didcot
  • Surveys undertaken with assistance of Erlestoke Manor Fund, Dinmore Manor Loco Ltd and Tyseley Locomotive Works
  • Smokebox and chimney correctly represents as-built GWR condition or post-1952 BR redraughting
  • Fully-detailed cab interior with many separate parts 
  • Die-cast metal chassis, running plate and body
  • Scale width wire handrails
  • Etched metal/plastic and lost wax detail parts, incl. grab handles, steps, drain cocks, etc
  • Etched metal pre-painted name and numberplates
  • High-fidelity dummy screw couplings
  • Fully sprung metal buffers and factory-installed pipework
  • Tapered or straight buffer housings where applicable
  • Brake blocks in line with wheels
  • Front mini-tension lock coupler can be replaced by accurate front pony truck moulding

Tender Details:

  • Churchward 3,500 gal tender with numerous variations including riveted and flush sides, narrow or wide hornplates, three different styles of spring hanger and underframe-mounted water scoop
  • Fully sprung metal buffers, factory-installed pipework and high fidelity dummy screw couplings
  • Early tapered, tapered or straight buffer housings where applicable
  • Optional overhead warning plate bracket on late-BR examples
  • Kinetic NEM coupler mounts on tender at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers
  • DCC decoder socket in tender
  • Choice of lift out sections: empty or simulated ‘coal’ load

DCC / Electronic Features:

  • Very high-quality 3-pole motor with flywheel, low starting voltage and smooth power delivery
  • DCC ready or factory-installed DCC Sound options
  • DCC Sound locomotives have speaker mounted in smokebox and speaker in tender
  • PowerPack capacitor bank for uninterrupted power and sound
  • Flickering firebox light (synchronised with sound on DCC installed models)
  • Electrical pickup from all tender and locomotive driving wheels

Traction Features:

  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Die-cast metal chassis, running plate and body with sprung centre driving axle
  • Metal Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running
  • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve a scale top speed of 90 mph (145 km/h)
  • RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
John B.
Born to the Manor.

First Accurascale loco I have bought and its not a disappointment. The finish and accuracy is superb and it is so quiet when in motion. I purchased a sound fitted loco and the sound is good and the incidental sounds like the coal shovelling are superb. Highly recommended to any steam fan with a definite leaning to GWR.

Jonathan M.
very nice model

haveing now run my manor a couple of times nows it is a very good model, sound is very good, shame it didn't come with the train name broads like the BR ones did is my only down side to it but other then that a very good model

Lee J.
Granville Manor GWR

One of, if not the best, 4mm steam locomotives produced. Stunning detail and faultless running

Steven B.
GWR Greatness!!

As a first steam locomotive class to be modelled by Accurascale, I am very pleased they chose the "Manor". This is a very fine model locomotive, the look and livery application is top class!! A worthy addition to the fleet of GWR locomotives available for GWR fans!!

Lawrence D.
Worth the weight!

This is going to be a different and difficult review, as I presume most purchasers have a railway to run it on. I, however, do not due to my house being flooded ant the layout having to be dismantled. So with that said let's start. As soon as it was announced that this was being produced I ordered one and paid off little by little each month, I would like to think that it was me who prompted you down the Partily path. Time passes so slowly when your waiting, especially when rolling stock announced after this came out first?. But it was worth the wait. My first impression upon opening the out packaging was the quality of your packaging, a real statement of intent. I liked the detailed workshop/information manual and separate service booklet. Like everybody else the first thing you notice is the weight, of both the loco and tender, you almost need three hands to hold it. I've had a couple of good looks over it and, as yet, can't find any blemishes or flaws. The detailing pack and etched number plates and names are crisply made. The prefitted details are a nice touch, as if the loco has been hand made just for you and not mass produced. And this is where my review will take a slightly different turn. As mentioned, I don't have the facility to run it, but I am a little concerned. Like others I've watched many a review on "YouTube", and there seems to be a common fault of the loco slowing down around curves. I'm unsure as to whether this it the curves being too tight, the extra parts fitted to the outside cylinders and the wheels catching or a poor choice of motor, some people have had a poor slow start and/or no crawl. I did send Accurascale a message voicing my concern about this as especially as when I eventually come to use it, it will be way out of its one year warranty, their answer was inconclusive. So that's it, that's as much as I can say really, presentation fantastic, model looks fantastic, model feel fantastic but for performance?, unknown. I would like to add one final thing, it will look great pulling the two Accurascale Syphons, but it would look even better pulling a rake of GWR coaches, especially your coaches if what I can see of your mk1's etcetera are anything to go by.

Lewis W.
Good very good

Very good model though there seems to be a form over function trend with accurascale loco's and this loco I believe suffers as a result. the motor is tiny for the weight of the model so its power is largely wasted hauling itself around rather than its power fully being used for rolling stock. I would sugest in future putting the motor further into the boiler and use a longer drive shaft to connect to the gears as Hornby did this with there merhant navy loco and its performance was flawless. the motor thats in it would suit something like the Peckett not a really heavy 4 6 0.
otherwise there is little to fault about these it only took and absolute age to get to me but other than that its great I would reccomend these to others and for what it is its good value as well. I think Samtrains review really does well at pointing out this models strengths and weaknesses.
Im looking forward for the next steam engines in the future

Stephen B.
Simply stunning!

Well my highly anticipated Granville Manor has arrived...and from the moment I opened the thick cardboard outer protective packaging this model shows the care that Accurascale have for their products.
Inside there is a large sturdy foam packed box containing the model itself with additional detail parts and etched nameplates as well as attractive and informative printed booklets - again demonstrating the care and thought that has gone into producing this as well as giving the feel of a premium model.
The loco is heavy and looks absolutely stunning. I examined it closely - no missing or badly fitted detail, no glue marks, impressive detail with a stunning cab and a beautiful finish. It also runs silkily smooth.
This should be an example to other manufacturers of what to aim for - and also what can be achieved in terms of quality for a reasonable price. I will definitely be looking out for Accurascales next steam model.

Granville Manor

Having previously purchased both Torquay and Erlestoke Manors and be very impressed with both of these models to such an extent, i purchased the GWR versions. Looks and runs superb and is now sat alongside the new arrival of Hinton Manor in the display cabinet. Just waiting for Dinton and Draycot Manor to arrive now ! Stunning versions of a very handsome locomotive and a must for any Western region modeller. Hope Accurascale will do a second batch ! Get one if you can !

Mark W.
Probably the best!

So pleased with my Granville Manor with sound. Smooth performer straight from the box. Has details you might only expect from the very best etched brass and injection moulding but with that wonderful classic ‘Hornby Dublo’ weight and presence. Probably the best loco in this scale ever. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Crew complements it so well as does your Syphon G.. carefully chosen sounds too to boot! Firebox glow superb. Sounds synchronised well with the speed of wheel rotation. Well worth the wait and for a full sound fitted loco good value.

Marc B.
5 stars

This is an amazing model chock full of details. From front to back there is nothing missed. Form the box it's impressive, but once the detail packs are added it really becomes something. Just wish the head boards were included with the non br models.
Mechanically straight out of the box it ran extremely well with a good low speed and realistic top speed. After running in it was faultless.

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