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GWR 'Manor' Crew - Driver/Fireman - GWR 

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Utilising the latest in full-colour 3D scanning and printing technology, these figures are designed and produced in the UK specifically for the Accurascale Manor. Printed in full colour. No painting required; a first for RTR OO Scale! Simply carefully glue into place.

  • A pair of 3D printed figures custom scanned and produced to fit perfectly in the accurascale Manor.
  • Supplied ready to fit,  in full COLOUR 3D Print (Not Painted)
  • Produced in association with Modelu
  • Made in Britain 

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Geoff G.
Perfect Additions

If you have an Accurascale GWR Manor then you must adorn it with the perfect additions of the fabulous footplate crew.

Michael L.
realistic crew

Well posed and wearing appropriate overalls - very realistic.

Good figures

Good figures as Modelu always are, and they fit the Manor perfectly.
For me, ready coloured is still in its infancy and I will choose to paint
them, but this is a personal preference.

Alex W.
Fantastic Manor Crew

As with the BR crew that I've purchased, these figures are 1st class in every way. The level of detail is shown at its best with the choice of colour pigments used, I'm good with a paint brush but not as accurate as the pre-coloured 3d printing seen here. Will definitely be purchasing more crews for my locos.
Keep up the good work folks.

Andrew C.
Realistic driving figures

Realistic driving figures to complete the look.

Lee J.
GWR Manor Crew

Excellent figures to compliment an excellent loco. Great to get some ready to place crew without having to do the tedious paint work. Well done Accurascale.

Geoffrey S.
Excellent quality

A great addition to my loco and the figures are very good quality

Puffing B.
much better figures

These "Manor" loco' figures look much better than some of the more modern driver/ fireman combo's.
Nice figuring, clothing etc, even if the skin tones are still a bit 'off'; maybe the old "Smoke-eaters" all had heart problems? 🤣

Mike L.
Second Manor crew; GWR

I like these even more than the first BR ones I received - the colour printing is subtle and crisp and the surface is much less bobbulated than my first BR (W) crew. I wonder if this is a second batch with improved definition.

Robert S.
Well done Accurascale and Modelu

These figures really do fit well into my Manor, just the detail to set off the loco ready for my layout.

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