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Class 92 Crew - Driver/Driver - Early

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Utilising the latest in full-colour 3D scanning and printing technology, these figures are designed and produced in the UK specifically for the Accurascale class 92. Printed in full colour. No painting required; a first for RTR OO Scale! Simply carefully remove the  bodyshell and glue into place.

  • A pair of 3D Printed Drivers custom scanned and produced to fit perfectly in the accurascale 92.
  • Supplied ready to fit,  in full COLOUR 3D Print (Not Painted)
  • Produced in association with Modelu
  •  Made in Britain 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Martyn N.

Good representations of drivers!

Steven K.
Bringing a touch of realism

Brings the model to life when you can see the crew in the cab. A little tricky to remove cab. - the removal of the loco body was fine, a thin piece of plasticard, inserted at the four points as shown on the loco instruction sheet. - and the standard gentle wiggle as you lift away.

But the drivers cab stays with the loco body shell. that threw me, as the diagram on the loco instruction sheet shows the cab staying with the loco chassis. So next was the tricky part as i was unsure how to remove the cab from the body shell. - as right behind the cab is the spring contacts for the pantograph. plus i was worried about snapping the cab itself.

I dont know which is the correct method to remove the cab as the cab on either end came out different.

cab one, my first attempt it seemed the cab is held in place in the same fashion as the loco body. So two thin pieces of plasticard slid down between the cab and body shell. which seemed to disengage the plastic lugs on each side of the cab near the windows, and it came loose. I was able to then gently remove it. fitted the driver and re-installed the cab in the same way it came out. clicking back in place.

being a bit more confident as all had gone well, i attempted the second cab. but as i inserted the plasticard down one side of the cab/body shell the front black light bar came loose at first i thought i'd broken it. but it turns out that is also only clicked in place and with the light bar removed there was more room and the cab came off better than the first attempt and also went back on easier, with both the cab clicking in place followed by the light bar. it was job done. nothing broke, and everything still working.

The crew are printed in colour, which saves painting them, even though the colour looks a little faded it works perfect. they fit snug into the seats so i didn't even bother gluing them.

A good purchase.

Margaret &.K.
Doing the Job

IIdeal Crew for the class 92, they are well made look the part and do what they are meant to.

Brian A.

Great, they fit perfectly look perfect through the windows.

Jasmine P.
Class 92 crew

Very happy with crew,but need to be careful if further painting required as they are very brittle to handle.

Roddy A.
Class 92 Crew - Driver/Driver - Early

Lovely little figures once again with very lifelike poses. Whilst they can be used as they are, the colours are not that distinctive, such as the reflective stipes on the hi vis vests, so I will be giving them a touch up with paint. It is great that Accurascale are doing these figures as it allows for a lot more variety. Some of these figure will be used in other locos in the same way as I will probably use other Modelu figures in the 92s for variety.

Michael K.
Loco Crew

Easy to fit as loco body easier to remove. Brings loco alive.
I would be happy to pay extra to have crew fitted at factory.

Steven J.
Almost perfect

These are a lovely addition to the Class 92. Unfortunately, both drivers in the 2 sets that I ordered had broken left arms which were able to be fixed although they were quite fiddly. Also, like the deltic drivers, the colours are a little too wishy washy and I enhanced them with Humbrol Flesh and Humbrol orange to pick out the most important colours and the result is that they now look the part. Unless I'm missing a trick, I did find the fitting process a little more difficult than anticipated with the light bars falling to pieces when I took the lid of the loco but a little glue and patience managed to put this right. All in all, a lovely finishing touch to the class 92 but a bit of a journey to overcome to get them fitted.

Tim L.
Class 92 Crew

An absolute essential if you use the Class 92 cab lighting function - what a difference these figures make - exquisite.

Mark J.
Great little people

Nicely detailed and painted, just need to install them now, would enhance any model.