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HCA - EWS - Pack 1

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HCA Early Canopy

  • EWS Maroon
  • 1997-2010

  • Wagon Numbers
    • 351077
    • 351119
    • 354295

Photographed model is a decorated sample, and may not be fully indicative of the final model.

Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track
* Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
* Weight 40g minimum
* Die-cast chassis for ideal weight
* Detailed interior with rivets, framing, strapping and accurately profiled door 'horns'
* RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels with separate brake blocks in line with tread
* Sprung metal buffers and dummy instanter couplings
* Super fine plastic parts, incl. air pipes, lamp irons, safety catches, clasp and disc brakes, hopper door operating equipment, etc.
* Etched metal details, incl. brake lever, chassis plates, etc.
* Removable, Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers provided with scale Instanters included

Numerous individual differences between wagon types
* Three body styles: as built, rebodied and CDA
* Two styles of hopper door: 'X' pattern on coal variants and 'straight beam' pattern on CDA
* Original canopy and later 'aerodynamic' canopy styles where appropriate
* Two style of door operating equipment covers, with some later styles featuring 'mix and match' versions!
* Two styles of sprung buffer: Oleo (coal variants) and heavy duty (CDA)
* Three different chassis frame variants for HAA, HDA and CDA versions
* Multiple bufferbeam brake pipe configurations
* Three different wheel variants: bolted disc brake, plain disc brake and standard (clasp brake)
* HBA/HDA feature correct modifications to brake disc caliper operating equipment, additional larger air cylinder, empty/loaded changeover levers and above solebar mounted brake distributor
* CDA correctly features large end air cylinder and above solebar mounted brake distributor, end ventilator boxes, highly detailed roof with textured canvas cover and chassis mounted operating handles

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shane McConnell
HCA ews

Havn't run them yet but if they run as good as they look should be good

Beyond words

Simply amazing wagons. The fine detail & finesse is like no other wagons I’ve owned and is simply the best quality and an pleasure to watch the rake working it’s way round the layout

James Makin
Beautiful & accurate models

The wagons all arrived well packaged and with a wealth of detailed parts all attached, they are smooth and free running, and represent the prototype much better than anything that's gone before. The printing on the model is crisp and coloured accurately, and I can't wait to supplement these with examples from future batches to grow the collection - highly recommended.

Simon Walker

Very well detail wagon as always from you guys at accurscale. Keep it going


Superb quality and detail on these hoppers, they run great and look amazing. Great value as well, 3 wagons per pack, plus multi buy discount. Highly recommended!

superb wagons

excellent quality, fully detailed and superb runners. Excellent service from Accurascale, had not pre ordered, the goods were dispatched the same day with a multi pack discount.

Tim Maslin

Excellent hopper wagons. Quality is great and they run really well. Had to deal with a squeaky wheel but can't really complain with that.

Steven Maxwell

Fantastic wagon! Detail is amazing, these are lovely wagons produced to a high standard

Ashley Knowles

Exceptionally fine detailed wagon, really knocked ball out the park, excellent value for money. These aren’t just models these are engineering precision models that link with my historical mining heritage. So I expect quality I pay for and accurascale delivers in spades. I’m absolutely delighted with my prestigious wagons not because of what they are but because what they represent to me. Cost wise is irrelevant because of the priceless sentimental value. Detail is just incredible it’s all there. In my view your products are premium engineering models some of the best money can buy, the sprung buffers, the instanter screw link coupling, the break hoses even the underside is detailed an area not normally seen yet it too has the same level of detail. I love mgr hopper wagons, especially these ones with there shark shaped hopper bodies. These are some of thy most prestigious incredible wagons I have in my collection

Another superb wagon

Very pleased with the quality of these wagons - superb detail and trouble free running. I love that they even include sprung buffers at this price.