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Magnetic Bar Coupling Pack - 8 Couplings 

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Magnetic Bar Coupling Pack - 8 Couplings 

Customer Reviews

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Good couplings

Great couplings, more robust than other manufacturers screen printed versions


Excellent couplings

Clive M.
Magnetic copelands

Yeah very good but you're only getting 4 pairs and one of them 1 of the magnets had come out so I had a glue in Clive

Brian W.

do the job i intended for them

Reviewer avatar
John C.
Powerful Joiners

We all lose a coupling or two or just the hooks in some cases, so it's handy to have some spares. I've been reading and hearing a lot about magnetic couplers and I thought I must buy some to try out. I have now used them on various RTR stock, to see how they cope. They are a wonderful detail to add to any buffer beam and when weathered they look even better. I have noticed some of the tiny magnets have come lose in there socket and stay stuck to the other side magnet. If so add a drop of superglue, close the coupler as normal and the lose magnet will slot into place. Pull them apart again to make sure no glue got anywhere it shouldnt and stick them together. Placing and taking stock off the layout is now a breeze. A simple but wonderful little detailing pack, to aid the ease of separating locos and wagons and add that small bit of extra realism to your rolling stock too.


Excellent bat coupling

Magnetic coupling

Very useful accessory which can be used on a variety of modern coaches and locomotives. Strong enough to pull a decent sized train but there will be a limit on the number of coaches which can be pulled before the magnetic attraction is overcome.

Alec W.
Excellent couplings which work well and make things easier

Very nice and neat set of magnetic couplings. Do not pull apart when carriages are running. Had to modify buffers at loco end but that was easy. Assembling rakes is NOW really easy - Game Changer.

Gary M.
Magnetic coupling

Bought these to connect a class 68 to the TPE mark 5 coaches but as others have commented they are too short. Can’t negotiate curves without derailing, so a longer set would be a real advantage. Apart from that they look good and are easy to set up.

Mr A.J.
Brilliant product, does away with all the constant fiddling when the hooks dont line up.

Recommend these to all fellow modellers.

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