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PFA - DRS LLNW - Novapak Pack 2

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DRSL 92703 [Novapak] DRSL 92721 [2896 brown] DRSL 92856 [Novapak]

Pack of three wagons, with loads.


• Highly detailed, accurate scale model

• Factory-fitted detail parts (brake pipes, lamp irons, etc.)

• Factory-fitted pipework

• Sprung Metal buffers

• Separate, interchangeable containers (three included)

• Fully detailed under-frame (including brake rigging and hangers)

• Blackened metal 10.67mm 3-hole disc wheels on metal axles, RP25.110 profile sets with 14.4mm back-to-backs and 26mm over pinpoints

• NEM coupler pockets fitted with narrow tension lock couplers on flexible mounts to facilitate fixed coupling if desired

• Die-cast chassis for ideal weight

• Designed for easy conversion to EM and P4 gauge track

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas N.

Excellently detailed wagons adding sophistication to my layout

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John C.
New Nukes for PFAs - Pack 2.

This triple wagon set consists of the Novapak containers and is a part of the PFA wagon fleet. The Novapak containers are exquisite and are a continuation of the Accurascale nuclear stock on PFA wagons, topped off with beautiful, modelled containers. As far as I know, these are a first in RTR model terms. The shipment of nuclear materials is hazardous but strong containment is essential for this type of load. These units are superbly rendered and capture the nuclear storage units with finesse and detail. They run steadily as you would expect from the PFAs and I see no problems in running these with my Class 68s. A delightful model by Accurascale to envision these trains on a layout, as they transverse over the real network. I love the DRS Class 68 locos and with my duo, it is time to expand on my nuclear waste trains.