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PFA - British Fuels Coal Containers I

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British Fuels
BFL 92739 [871045-5]
BFL 92823 [871206-2]
BFL 92864 [871366-5]

Pack of three wagons with container loads.


• Highly detailed, accurate scale model

• Factory-fitted detail parts (brake pipes, lamp irons, etc.)

• Factory-fitted pipework

• Sprung Metal buffers

• Separate, interchangeable containers (three included)

• Fully detailed under-frame (including brake rigging and hangers)

• Blackened metal 10.67mm 3-hole disc wheels on metal axles, RP25.110 profile sets with 14.4mm back-to-backs and 26mm over pinpoints

• NEM coupler pockets fitted with narrow tension lock couplers on flexible mounts to facilitate fixed coupling if desired

• Die-cast chassis for ideal weight

• Designed for easy conversion to EM and P4 gauge track

Customer Reviews

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John C.
Raking them in.

Additional wagon packs sure do help in making longer trains. That is if your layout has room to accommodate them. These three packs help to achieve that goal and each set has different stock running numbers. Which is better than buying multiple stocks with the same number to acquire a lengthy train. No point in going over how great these wagons look and their details here again. Get some stock, whether it is for a train of 2, 3, 6, 9, 12... etc wagons, a rake is a rake of any size bar having just one wagon. The wagons are a big hit, and I am these will sell out, just as fast as the earlier batch.

K R.
Great wagon with open container load

These wagons are great. Lots of weight with masses of details. They come with an open container load that can be fitted. Best to buy the coal loads to fit these as they fit like a hand in a glove. I bought 3 of these wagon packs all with different running numbers. I recommend these 100%

Great Wagons

I got a few of these in the first run and they are exceptional in build quality, weight and detail. Looking forward to the future releases!