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Excellent new packaging

These arrived in a sturdy outer cardboard box with new cardboard protective ends fitted to the main Point of sale packaging. So the wagon boxes arrived as if you brought them in a shop. Not dog eared at all.
The wagons were up to the standard of other Accurascale models and ran very well. Great products!!

Setting the Standard

Very Detailed Model, Accurascale are now setting the standard other model companies need to come up to! These are excellent models and run very well.

A realistic and good quality product

I have 2 of these now and they really add a sense of realism to my layout, no tricky wiring or electrics, it’s fantastic, Accurascale have truly done a fantastic job and I will continue to buy their products as they never let me down, 10/10 from me YouTube video placeholder
The Computer in Your Locomotive.

ESU LokPilot V5. What is there to say?
For a start, absolutely loads of functionality with a possible 14 outputs. A programmable function table with 72 lines each consisting ten input CVs, three function CVs, three logic CVs and (believe it or not) one sound CV in a non sound decoder (four in the LokSound version). And that’s just the start, you only have to look at the ESU V5 manual to get some idea of what this unit can do. A word of warning, the manual contains several typographical errors and a few CVs in the wrong order (Random Functions Table). I could go on for ages.
Does all you’ll ever want in the Class 55 straight from the box as it’s set up to take care of everything the loco is designed for. Considering the LokPilot V5 retails elsewhere for £35+, this one at under £30 is a real bargain.
Having already fitted the sound version to my 55, this LokPilot is bound for a Bachmann Class 66 with upgraded lights boards plus a little reprogramming for ten outputs. This really is, The Computer in your Locomotive. Well done to Accurascale for making it available.

Excellent service

All good, recommended

Class 37 Crew - Driver/Secondman - BR

Superbly detailed. I bought two sets, one in readiness for the other 37 yet to come.

Magnetic Chain Couplings (Pack of 8)

Beautiful couplings which can easily be shortened if necessary with very strong magnets.

Good product that look the part on the layout. Easy to fit and at a reasonable price.


These are superb and so well made Very pleased with them

The perfect addition

The crew for the Manor are great and the poses are very realistic. I like the muted colouration. Other OO gauge figures that are available from other sources are often presented in lurid colours.

Excellent detail

Excellent detail on these crew members, even down to the sandwich. Have not fitted yet. Afraid of taking the body off. In some ways I wish they could have been pre fitted.The small box is a very nice touch.

LLNW - Container Pack

Another excellent set of nuclear wagons

Excellent detail

Excellent detail on these crew members, even down to the cross straps on the back of overalls.

Deltic Crew with a brew

They are small 1/76 but well painted so much so I could of pinched the mug of tea:-)

Nicely finished loco crew

Nicely done and with a sense of humour, will be ordering more for my other loco's


Absolutely brilliant the attention to detail is 2ND TO NON. Accurascale have hit this one wayyy out of ball park. Keep up the detailing on future models

One of the finest models I’ve seen.

Steven J.
Excellent all round

I was fortunate to obtain one of these at the last minute due to some becoming available on the Accurascale website and I must say that I am not disappointed. The loco follows the pedigree of previous Accurascale releases and the attention to detail is superb. I also purchased the crew and fitting them on this model compared to the Class 92 and the deltic was a doddle. Lovely solid runner. Yes, there is an issue with the sound cutting out on startup and reducing the overall volume solves the problem which I strongly suspect is an issue of the speaker configuration's impedance load on the decoder which I ''m sure will be solved by Accurascale in future revised releases. This does not deter from the fact that I give this model 5 Stars as I appreciate Accurascale's attempt to get the loudest sound possible. Well done all round!!!

Simply excellent

Quality is high, standard is high. Absolutely fantastic wagons

Nicely detailed couplings

These couplings really look the part, they're much easier to fit than the traditional sprung type, which you usually end up having to butcher when there's no space behind the buffer beam!

Gift Card
Tom M.
Gift Voucher

Purchase every year for my stepfather and am always satisfied with my experience. Straight forward, quick and always hassle free.

Easy fit

Excellent easy to fit models without the hassle of painting. Love the sandwich and newspaper addition.


Stunning model! My second Accurascale loco! Superb quality and sounds are amazing!!!!

They just fit right in!

These drivers are so easy to fit in the class 37, they just fit perfectly into the cab seats!

The Last Leg

The eagerly awaited crew arrived, and in my haste to get them aboard Draycott Manor the driver's right leg fell off! Never mind, as he is sitting down I thought one leg missing wouldn't bother him too much, and he seems quite comfortable with his hand on the regulator. I suspect that if his face was examined with a magnifying glass a grimace might be noticed from time to time, especially as the loco lurches across my medium radius paintwork. But the look of the loco is really enhanced by these delightful figures. I smile whenever I operate this loco, surely the best of my fifty or so roster.

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