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A staggeringly good model in all respects. Over the 3 year wait I ended up buying 8 with sound. All work beautifully as promised and expected. Sadly 6 of them had detached parking brake chains which I haven't sorted yet but shall do. A small price to pay for these beasts. Hopefully the 37's don't suffer the same. However more than worth every penny.

Just like the real thing..

Travelling behind these amazing machines during 1980 / 1981 on the ECML, I have to say that on taking this model out of the box, those memories came flooding back!! These are one of the finest model locomotives that I have had the pleasure to own, and I am so happy that I decided to make purchases. They shout to me, "I am a Deltic", the shape, and pressence are perfect. The enclosed booklet and information are top notch, super sheet of headcodes if you want to change those fitted, and with details about what trains they are for. Those boxes are BIG, and the models are very secure within. A perfect prototype as a first new model locomotive announcement, and a proven mark on the way ahead for ACCURASCALE.

Deltic Feedback

Overall I'm very impressed with this model, it runs very well, is highly detailed and looks fantastic, by far the best Deltic ever produced. However, the drive lock function is not working on my sound chip and I've heard from others that they've had the same issue, is there a way of activating this function?. I'm looking forward to receiving my 2 class 92s when they become available having run the pre-production model with the pan on the catenary I installed on Pete Waterman's 'Making tracks' layout at The Great Electric Train Show last year it looked very impressive. Hope its available in time for this years show with the 'Making Tracks 2' layout.

Not yet run as a train, but details on wagon and packaging are excellent. Very gentle gradient on my layout and wagon ran down without any problem. A good model for the price.

superb Driver and Second Man for Deltic Cab.

I have ordered the two sets of the Drivers and Second men for my Deltic Cab as my first order has now arrived and I am highly delighted with the Driver and Second Man as it saves me a lot of bother having to go and search for a Driver and Second Man ,as well done to Accurascale for forward thinking on doing this.

55018 Ballymoss
Peter Hill-Cottingham
Miniature Masterpiece

Accurascale has certainly raised the bar in terms of attention to detail and the fantastic wealth of features this sound fitted deltic model provides.

The locomotive (55018) is certainly weighty and the removable roof section for access to the decoder socket is helpful. The bogie detail and interior cab detail is amazing. The practically bomb proof packaging is most helpful. A very satisfied customer of this fine model!

55001 St. Paddy
Mike Brennan
The bench mark of models yet to come

I received my Deltic at the same time as a new Bachmann 47 and the comparison between the 2 was really eye opener. The Deltic is far better in all aspects. It’s level of detail, it sound, the paper work, the box……..everything!! The Accuascale Deltic is quite simply the best model I now own……it’s even better the my Suttons 24, which takes some doing.
I also bought 55002 from Locomotion and glad I did.

Given that this model has taken a while to be delivered. I must say the the communication from Accurascale has been simply brilliant. I paid for the Deltic in instalments which is a great innovation from a model company and my only disappointment is I didn’t order 55018 as well.

I’m really impressed with the Deltic ad a model and the price I paid for them, compared with the Bachmann 47 ad I can see every penny of value in the Deltic as opposed to the Bachmann 47.

I’d really recommended anyone who want a Deltic to
Buy the Accuscale Deltic……it’s simply the best model yet produced. Your love it!

Astonishing !

In my 57 years on this complicated planet have I ever seen such incredible detail to this scale. You have not only produced an amazing piece of art work but you have also raised the bar for all the others to try and jump over, this will take your competitors a many few years to catch up. Can you please also continue to provide such stunning representations in 0 gauge. Keep up the marvellous work . Very best regards, Paul.

Deltic crew

Superbly detailed train crew figures printed in full colour. Skin tones are a little lifetime of 40 a day but the colours work particularly well on the second man with his blue shirt.

Sets a new standard

Opened my parcel yesterday. What a fantastic model (which bodes well for the class 37 on order with my local model shop). Only had time for the rolling road so far as my new layout - as still waiting for Peco's bullhead points - but has alreadyimpressed. A little frustrated looking for a Lokpilot decoder or equivalent but I can wait.

55018 Ballymoss
wayne bennett

55018 is the best off the shelf loco I've seen smooth runner and the sound is brilliant .if I do have a small complaint is that you go to all that trouble to get it right then u don't put a driver in them . But its trivial can't wait to order a few class 31s

D9004 Sound fitted

Another winner from Accurascale, by far the best class 55 on the market and at an acceptable price. The only slight criticism is with the 3 link coupling which looks to be a flexible, but cosmetic part, rather than a usable working coupling for those who prefer real scale couplings.
But that said no RTR company produces models with scale couplings, yet?

D9004 Original Condition

Excellent, really pleased with this model. No problems, impressive packaging. Good pricing really good value for money.

D9020 Nimbus
D9020 Nimbus

Excellent model all as I remember when I used to watch the deltics in their days. Beautifully presented in large box, well protected for transport. One small piece had fallen off (don't know where it goes), and a chain was hanging loose. All acceptable with a model with so much fine detail.

The crew look great 👍

Have not fitted them yet because I've had to send my loco back via rails of sheffield with sound vibration when it sets off .
Other than that the loco is fine

Deltic type 55

Best yet wonderful model so good in fact I've got 3 !!


I( have been looking forward to owning this locomotive but I will wait for the paperwork which should be included. I do not dare to removing it from the box in case I inadvertently damage the beautiful Class 55. I have received the driver and second man but I will wait for the paperwork. So far
Well Done !!

55022 Royal Scots Grey
Scott Jackson
The Ultimate Deltic!

A beautiful model the not only looks excellent but also runs and sounds brilliant too. The price is very fair for what is offered. This is my first purchase from Accurascale and it looks like it won't be the last. Keep up the good work.

Perfect looking, but too many minute details fall off

To many minute details fall off when in use and get lost in ballasted and weathered track. Last chain has gone.
otherwise superb.

55003 Meld
Colin A

From the packaging, through the box, the model itself and extras, first impressions were.

The model runs flawlessly at low speeds all the way through to high speed running.

And the sound is awesome.

A great product at a great price. Truly outstanding.

Thanks all at Accurascale!

Definitely worth the wait!!

Deltic Driver and Second Man

The only item(s) missing from the Deltic were the driver and second man - solved by Accurascale and Modelu.
I was a little unsure about the colour finish when looking on line and when they arrived, thinking that might need a little enhancing with paint. However, once fitted into the cab, they look spot on.
Cannot really see them too clearly under normal running conditions, but much better when the cab light is on.
Good value and certainly saves having to paint them myself, having used Modelu figures in other loco cabs.

definitive deltic

extremely pleased with everything about this model. Well done Accurascale it does not get better than this. thank you so much.

Deltic crew

Personally I think you should always have a crew in your locos, and these supplied especially for the deltics are very good, you have to be careful when fitting these printed crewmen as they are very fragile, but once they are in situ they should be safe.
I would recommend these crew to anybody that has purchased a Deltic, and they would probably fit a lot of other loco’s.


Originally wasn't going to get one as it's a bit out of era and location. But the more I read and saw the more I wanted one. Was able to pick one up when unsold stock became available. So glad I did. Great model. Mine ran well out of the box and had no issues with parts etc. By todays prices a bit of a bargain for sound. I've now put my deposit down for some other accurascale models.

Great Crew for my Deltics!

The small figures look great in the cabs of these fine locomotives. Getting them into place was not at all easy. I couldn't find any instructions for getting into the body. It proved to be a hard, fiddly job, though the results were worth it!