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Colin Whitbread
Screw couplings

Use these couplings as ‘working couplings’ on all my locos and stock that would be fitted with screw type links and I can throughly recommend them for not only looks but also price.

Patrick Delhaye
looks realistic

very nice and realistic items. I bought them to fit on the front buffer beam of my Deltic. Well detailed and seem strong. What's more not expensive at all !

Matthew C.
Perfect for my Needs

These couplers are absolutely perfect for my model trains. They look the part and play the part wonderfully. 10/10 would recommend

Andy Turner

They are excellent, but I have 2 criticisms the tightening bar I feel needs to be the other way round because when the coupler is not being used it is facing inwards and the part that is connected to the loco I feel needs to be longer but other than that I look the business

Lawrence Reynolds
Accurascale Screw Couplings

I wish that your screw and Instanter couplings had a longer drawbar to enable springing arrangement to be facilitated.

Also it would be good if your wagons could allow for such springing to the couplings without having to resort to significant butchery to the wagon. Where possible I currently use Exactoscale coupling hooks sprung by Kadee Knuckle springs.

I am currently trying to adapt your Screw Link Shackles to the Exactoscale hooks using small BA Nuts and Bolts

Judy J
Screw Link Couplings

Brilliant items, perfect detail and great value

Screw Link Couplings (Pack of 8)

Excellent and realistic product offering superb value for money. Straight from the pack they can be easily fitted to rolling stock and especially the front buffer beams of locomotives. The straight shackle beneath the coupling hook prevents the coupling being "swung" in GWR or BR(W) fashion and dropped over a hook beneath a buffer, but the design is sufficiently robust to allow disassembly and suitable modification to create the required effect. Highly recommended.

Peter Watson
Superb quality and level of detail

Love these little beauties. The level of detail is fantastic. I will be buying more. Any chance of a marketing discount🤣🤣😋

Pete Francis

Brilliant little item. Such a small addition can make a massive difference to the look of a loco or wagon. They are very well made, strong and resilient and very easy to fix. I'm sure to be having more!

Luke Brammer
Good value, good looks, good functionality, can’t go wrong!

Can’t really fault these - look great, work well and seem to be robust. So far I’ve fitted these to one of my locos and used it to couple to another loco for double heading, they ran around the layout quite happily without decoupling, would recommend! Best bit is a pack of 8 of these costs the same as a pack of two from a certain other red box manufacturer…