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Accurascale Review of 2022

Accurascale Review of 2022

We've reached the end of 2022, and what a year it has been! While there has been all sorts of crazy things happening domestically and internationally, it's been our busiest year to date. This year saw us return to the big shows on the exhibition calendar, the arrival of the first (and second!) Accurascale locomotives and some exciting announcements too! 

So, prepare that turkey sandwich, and that cup of tea and join us as we review Accurascale's 2022!

New Model Arrivals  

HYA/Cutdown HYA and IIA Bogie Hoppers

Our first newly tooled model arrival of 2022 was the family of HYA, cut down HYA and IIA Biomass modern hopper wagons. These popular family of wagons landed in early April and soon went to work on layouts across the land.


They have proven very popular indeed, with the cutdown packs selling out in very quick time, and only a smattering of HYAs and IIA hoppers left in stock.

Look out for news of another run of these in 2023! 

We have a smattering of HYAs and IIAs left, and at just £74.95 per twin pack with 10% off when you buy two packs or more.

These were an integral part of our "Powering Britain" range of coal wagons across the ages, and more on that theme was to come...

HAA Family of Wagons

Our second "Powering Britain" family of wagons were the classic MGRs; HAA, HBA, HCA, HDA and HMA hopper wagons. These have been the most requested wagons from modellers since we started Accurascale almost five years ago and are an integral part of our range for years to come. 

The original bodied HAAs arrived in early May and flew off the shelves, with the hooded HCAs arriving soon after. Our HCAs, HDAs and HMAs would then arrive in the Autumn to give you a taste of what's to follow in the coming years as we offer a comprehensive family of these iconic wagons.

We still have a smattering of types left, with more to come next year! Check out the website via the link below to order yours


 Class 55 Deltic Locomotives


A massive milestone in the life of Accurascale occurred in early June, as our Deltics began to arrive with customers! After a development process that was impacted by COVID lockdowns, it was really satisfying to land our first ever Accurascale locomotive. Thankfully they were very well received, even scooping up the coveted "OO Locomotive of The Year" award from the readers of Hornby Magazine. 

In June we were able to visit the place where our Deltic journey began; the Deltic Preservation Society at Barrow Hill. We couldn't resist taking the finished models back to where we first began surveying and measuring the real beasts some 4 years previously.

Remaining stock of the Deltic sold out within 24 hours of the models arriving in stock and pre-orders were dispatched which was simply incredible and a testament to the popularity of the model.

We have been asked time and again about an all new run, so look out for that featuring improvements to the bogie chains and underside detail in the new year. You have been warned!  

CDA Wagons


Although an extension of our MGR range of wagons, we classify the China Clay carrying CDAs as separate wagons in their own right due to their unique bodies and hooded canopies, as well as other slight detail differences. 

Our CDAs arrived in stock in July to an amazing reception as part of our second delivery of our MGR project (along with HCA hoppers!) and focus was on EWS and DB variants, allowing for current era operations. 

Look out for classic ECC variants in the near future! In the meantime, check out your local stockist or direct below for EWS and DB liveried CDAs.


PFA Wagons With Newly Tooled Nuclear Waste Loads

We brought back and old favourite in summer 2022, with the return of our lovely little PFA flat wagons with favourite loads such as our Cawoods containers. However, we also brought a fresh angle to them and tooled a plethora of new loads representing a multitude of low level nuclear waste loads which are synonymous with the current era operations of these distinctive wagons.

Dragons, Novapaks and Nupaks as well as differing styles of 20ft containers allowed us to create distinctive wagon packs which form prototypically short trains of colourful interest for modellers and make the perfect bedfellows for our Class 37/6 locomotives as well as the modernised Class 37/4s and other DRS locos. 

Some have since sold out, but we still have some interesting packs remaining which you can order below!


4t Chaldron Black Waggons


In September we took delivery of what is arguably our most leftfield model announcement to date, but one that was absolutely essential for British outline OO/4mm ready to run models, and our "Powering Britain" range. Our NER 4t Chaldron wagons saw our first step into the world of pre-grouping models and further enhanced our industrial modelling range. 

They proved a hit with modellers too, with the production run already largely sold out. Grab what's left, including our "Accurascale Exclusives" NCB pack on our website below, and perhaps look out for more packs in 2023!


MHA Ballast Spoil Wagons

Engineering wagons was new ground for us to break and we finally did so in October with the arrival of our MHA "Coalfish" wagons. 

These MHAs were built using redundant HAA underframes by RFS(E) Doncaster in 1997. An initial order for 250 extended several times until eventually over 1,150 wagons were converted using two distinct body styles. Early examples wore the fish-kind name "Coalfish" and some are still in use today with DB. 

Our first run with diecast chassis, brass bearings and a body style not previously available in a OO ready to run model has made them immensely popular. Available in both DB and EWS guises which the remaining wagons are found in today.


Class 92

Our second locomotive delivery of 2022 took place in early December as our Class 92 Electric locomotives arrived in stock! After a long period of testing and development to make the most technologically groundbreaking locomotive ever seen in OO/4mm gauge, it has been a utter joy to see our Dysons arrive and bring joy to so many people as they run along layouts across the land and indeed around the world.

Check out the in depth review above by Dean Park to see it in action. We have less than 10% of the production run remaining in stock, so if you want one it's best to move fast as they're selling quickly!


Newly Tooled Model Announcements

While there were plenty of new arrivals in 2022, we were also working away on creating the new models for 2023 and beyond! This included three all new locomotives, along with some delectable coach and wagon stock which form essential cornerstones in our growing range!

Class 31

We kicked off our 2022 announcements with a rather large bang, as we announced our all new Class 31/Brush Type 2 locomotives in OO/4mm scale in February ahead of Model Rail Scotland. 

Introducing what may be our most extensive tooling suite yet, our model aims to be the definitive representation model of the classic BR mixed traffic design and covers almost every detail variant that existed throughout their 65-year life, including trip cock fitted variants, the classic skinhead and headcode box fitted variants, refurbished, ETH fitted, original Mirrlees and re-engineered English Electric variants and more.

As well as our standard and well regarded traction, light and sound package, our Class 31 introduces working radiator fans – driven from a separate motor – and separately switched tail lights, allowing not just the either end to be illuminated as required, but also individual tail lights or both depending on era. This is on top of our standard spec which includes powerbank capacitors, illuminated control desk and and there will be a flange squeal sensor included on DCC sound fitted versions.

So, as per usual we've gone out! 

In the Autumn we did receive some decorated samples with some very poorly applied paint. The finish was so bad that we haven't really showed them off, but you can rest assured that the finished models will be to our highest standards.

Roll on the summer of 2023 when they arrive on our shores. 


Mark 1 Suburban 56ft 11' Coaches

Well, we needed something to go with our newly announced Class 31s, so we decided to tackle the star of 'wish lists' across the land. The people movers of the 50s. 60s, and 70s. The unsung heroes of the Mark 1 family. It was. of course, the 56ft 11" Mark 1 suburban coaches, announced in June!

As you can imagine, we have gone to town on these coaches, offering all the body variants so you can build up a prototypical rake for your layout.
Not only that, but we have a fully lit, fully detailed interior with easy access and other innovations, beautifully detailed underframe, bogies and bodysides as these distinctive carriages get the full Accurascale treatment.

Multiple running numbers in both BR Carmine and BR Blue make up the first run, with runs in BR Maroon to follow later. Delivery is anticipated for Q3 2023.


 A Glimpse of Our Next Class 37s With 37/7s

In June we previewed where our Class 37 range goes next with the unveiling of the limited edition model of the Heavy Tractor Group's 37714. This was the very loco used as a basis for our 3D scan at the start of the Class 37 design and a key subclass which will cater for some truly excellent class members.

It was great to visit the real thing once again at the Great Central Railway and reveal the model with the HTG gang, while getting a quick tour of the real thing!

Class 89 In Partnership With Rails of Sheffield

Remember when we asked about doing the Class 89 alongside Rails of Sheffield a couple of years ago? Well, in late June we formally confirmed that it's going ahead!

The 'Badger' had long been a subject on our roadmap that we longed to do, with pretty much everyone in Accurascale Towers a fan of the unique Brush beast. Teaming up with Rails of Sheffield allowed us to bring the model to market and it's had an amazing reaction with pre-orders flying in.

We teamed up with our friends at Hornby Magazine to reveal the locomotive which was filmed at Barrow Hill Roundhouse (A big thank you to Mervin at Barrow Hill for hosting us!)

We showed off the first tooled samples at Warley in November, and decorated samples are due early 2023 and then delivery slated for Q3 2023.

Orders can be secured via the Accurascale and Rails of Sheffield websites for just a £30 deposit, so make sure you get your pre-order in soon!


SR D1478 and D1479 Diagram Banana Vans

We went bananas in October with two different wagon announcements for the Great Electric Train Show exhibition at Milton Keynes. First up was another big gap in grouping era models with two flavours of Southern Railways banana vans in OO/4mm. 

Both diagrams D1478 and D1479 were selected with differing bodies catered for in the range, with early and late versions of both to give a full range of these distinctive wagons which roamed far and wide beyond SR metals.

The chassis and running gear are of a common design across both diagrams, however the bodies differ in profile and width. Further differences across the range include no fewer than three different styles of wheel design catered for; split spoke, single spoke and 3-hole disc. 

The detail is there too, with plenty of separate eroded metal, plastic and wire detail parts, including (but not limited to) separate handrails, grab handles, door handles, lamp brackets, vacuum and steam pipes, through pipes, steam heating cock and brake gear. Turned metal sprung buffers set off these beautiful little vans.

Due in stock this time next year, they're offered in a wide variety of liveries, running numbers and markings, with some exclusive packs offered by our friends at TMC.


FNA-D Nuclear Flask Carrier

Our second all-new model announcement at GETS in October was the modern day FNA-D nuclear flask wagon. An essential addition to our growing nuclear wagon range and the logical progression following delivery of our new PFA nuclear range, the FNA-D is the latest addition to our very popular “Powering Britain” range of  freight stock which focuses on energising a nation.


Each twin pack is priced at £74.95 with 10% off when you buy two packs or more direct via our website.

Pre-ordering is now open via local stockists and Accurascale direct, with an anticipated delivery date of Q3 2023.


NER 20T Coal Hopper Wagons

Having delivered our full range of wagons apart from the newly announced SR Banana vans and FNA-D, it was time we got some new projects out there. Our next chapter in our "Powering Britain" story was another wagon which has long been overlooked in the ready to run market and one that offers long life and bags of character. It is, of course, the distinctive NER 20t hopper wagons.

Of course we could've just announced one type to satisfy the market with. But no, that's not the Accurascale way! This family is made up of the P6, P7, P8 and Q3 variants of these distinctive 20 ton hopper wagons. Four different types, with differences within the range, based on period. 

A variety of liveries are offered across our traditional triple packs. Tooling is complete with improvements and tweaks fed back to the factory, with a delivery date of Q1 2024 slated for delivery.


BR Class 50

Our final new model announcement for 2022 was a big one. Well, a massive one in fact. Our announcement ahead of the 2022 Warley show at the NEC was one that surprised nobody; the Class 50!

The Class 50 is the third and final member of our iconic English Electric (EE) six-axle trio that began with the Class 55 in 2018 and the Class 37 in 2019. With our award-winning ‘Deltic’ now in customers’ hands and the first of the much anticipated Type 3s due to leave our factory in the coming weeks, it is now time to reveal the full details of the next classic main line locomotive to join our growing roster.

It's also the most requested loco we've had for the last three years, so it's about time we obliged!

Our Class 50 is the culmination of over three years of development that began with a 3D laser scan of No. 50017 at the Great Central Railway in 2019. Building on our growing range of diesel and electric locomotives, the EE Type 4 features their most impressive specification yet, with our ground shaking twin-speaker set up, working radiator fan, flange squeal sensor, full lighting package that includes preservation era oddballs, engine room and cab lighting with auto off feature and eight cab configurations with illuminated driver’s control desk.

Our Hoovers are due for delivery at the end of 2023, with the first tooling sample due in the new year. Prices are £189.99 for DC/DCC ready and £299.99 for DCC sound fitted with all the bells and whistles. 

Look out for further limited edition and "Accurascale Exclusives" in 2023 too!


New Accessories 

AccuraFolk In Partnership With Modelu

During 2022 we teamed up with the innovative people at Modelu and began developing drivers packs for our locomotives including the Deltic and Class 92. These will be followed up with drivers packs for the Class 37 and Manors in early 2023, and of course 31s, 89s and 50s beyond that. We had some great fun getting scanned too!

We've also done a "Accurascale Research Pack" which features members of the Accurascale team conducting a research survey, perfect for your layout if you want to drop us suggestions on what we do next as a model. We're even running a competition!  All you have to do is pick up one of our survey packs, pose it on your layout and send us a photo. The most interestingly placed crew as deemed by the Accurascale team wins a £50 voucher!

Order Accurafolk Here


We go big on the spec of our DCC sound fitted models, and sometimes modellers miss out on the sound fitted variants, or they decide to upgrade later on. Well, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the great features of our sound fitted models. We now sell our DCC sound decoders for our Deltics (and will do the same on other sound fitted models apart from the Class 92, which you can source from Legomanbiffo) as well as our larger Accurathrash speaker, which just plugs directly into the circuit board, so no soldering required! Modellers have also been using our speakers in other manufacturers locos too. 


We are also growing our range of DCC lokpilot non sound decoders to give you all the lighting and feature functionality for our models. Expect this range to grow further in 2023, as we look to further develop our range of speakers and tech to drive things further forward.

Order DCC And Accurathrash Here

Progress Updates

Mark 5 Coaches

They've taken forever and a day to complete their voyage but we can confirm that our Mark 5 sleeper coaches are now in the UK an have been released by customs! Dispatch will commence from January 4th so make sure your pre-order is fully paid up so you can take delivery. We will put some packs back on sale when the pre-orders have been sent out, so keep an eye out for those as they will be very limited in supply.

Our TPE coaches will arrive in stock in another two weeks, so dispatch will begin shortly after for delivery to customers in mid-January. We really cannot wait for them to get on your layout!

We still have some TPE Coach Pack 2 left, so make sure you get ordering before the sell out!

Order TPE Mark 5 Rake Here

Class 37

The Deltic arrived, the 92s have landed and we'd hoped to complete a hat trick with the 37s landing end of year but it wasn't quite to be. However, the debut of our hotly anticipated EE Type 3s is now getting tantalisingly close. Chips and COVID have done their upmost to derail all delivery schedules but we have been pulling out all the stops to get these landed as follows:

  • Batch 1 is the Scottish Headlamp 37/0s and modern 37/4s. January 2023
  • Batch 2 is the 37/6s and the Yellow 97/3. March 2023
  • Batch 3 is the Blue/Green 37/0s. April 2023

Following the reception of the Class 92 in recent days you just know that the wait will be worth it! Look out for news on Run 2 in early 2023!

Siphon G

 One project that has quietly rumbled on in the background and progressed swiftly is our lovely range of Siphon G vans. Announced late in 2021, they have been previewed at decoration stage a few months ago and now production is nearing completion for a delivery date right on schedule of Q1 2023. 

As is customary with our Accurascale Exclusives, we do bespoke packaging for our limited edition models as an extra bonus, so the Enparts van has been so treated. However, we did bend the rules a bit, and couldn't resist giving the ambulance version a bit of special treatment too, despite it being a main range item. Tim, our graphic designer extraordinaire, has excelled himself once again! 

Look out for delivery around March 2023!


78xx Manor Class Locomotives

 Production of our first steam locomotive, the GWR 78xx Manor Class, is well underway at the factory. While it did not arrive in 2022 as we previously hoped, it is now in the final leg of its development and brings with it the excitement of being our first ever steam locomotive!

delivery is really not to far away, with completion of production expected just after Chinese New Year, which commences in early January and then testing and shipping which will see delivery in late Q1, March 2023. We apologise for this further slight delay, but as you can see, we are really on the home straight now and these will arrive just after our first batch of Class 37s.

Our first steam locomotive has been a learning curve for us, but a very enjoyable one. The response from modellers has been hugely positive too, so expect more steam from us in 2023!


Mark 2B Coaches

We announced our Mark 2Bs to an amazing reception in late August of 2021, with the models of all variations already tooled in both BR and Northern Ireland Railways (NIR) guise for our sister brand, Irish Railway Models. While overall they looked very impressive, we were unhappy with several areas, mainly around the bogies and some aspects where tooling could be improved. We then completed this work, but getting it spot on took longer than we liked. 

Delivery of the Mark 2B coaches will now be in Q2 2023, with Chinese New Year close down impacting on our delivery timeline. We apologise for this delay, but we want these coaches to operate and function correctly, as well as looking the very best they can. We're confident that they will set a whole new standard when it comes to Mark 2 coaches in model form.

These models are completely sold out on pre-order. We should probably get going on the next chapter in our Mark 2 journey pretty soon!

New Additions To the 'A' Team!

2022 saw the Accurascale team grow larger as our business and range grew too. 

Simon Howard - Engineer And Support


Simon has been a member of the Accurascale team for a few years now, operating on our warranty repairs on a part time basis. However, this year Simon became a full time member of the team adding technical support and testing to his role. 

If you have any issues with any Accurascale model, make sure you email us so Simon can give you the benefit of his expertise from many years as a professional model maker to troubleshoot and rectify your issue!

Steve Purves - Project Manager 

Steve joined the A Team in September as a Project Manager. Having spent seven years with Bachmann Europe as a Project Engineer, Steve has overseen the research, design and development of a range of locomotives, wagons, coaches and accessories across OO, N and 009 gauges. Many of these models have won various industry awards and won plaudits from across the hobby.

Previous to his experience in the model railway industry, Steve has also worked in various roles within the real railway. Working for WH Davis Ltd, Steve was responsible for and maintained a fleet of 50 PHA/JGA Bardon Aggregates hopper wagons, developing an expert, in-depth knowledge of them during this time. Steve also worked for EWS as a fitter at Toton, working with locomotives, undertaking periodical exams and preparing them for tyre turning. 

We look forward to unveiling Steve's projects during 2023!



This year has been a very productive one for us in delivering new models as well as working on and announcing new projects, landing our first locomotives and seeing our business grow with new team members and more people experiencing Accurascale models for the first time as we stretch across different eras. It's been hugely rewarding work for us all.

However, the awards that you, the modelling public have festooned upon us really blew our minds. We began the year winning "Overall Manufacturer of the Year", "OO Manufacturer of The Year" and "OO Rolling Stock of the Year" for our KUA flask wagons from Model Rail magazine readers back in February. We were also honoured to be asked to provide a Deltic for the cover shot of their 300th issue in May!

In March We took home the "OO Wagon of the Year" with our KUA flask carrier, and narrowly missed out on "Overall Manufacturer of the Year" by just 0.3% in the British Railway Modelling Awards. 

In October it was time for the Hornby Magazine awards and we did very well indeed, with our Deltic picking up "OO Locomotive of the Year" as well as "Innovation of the Year" for our powerbank capacitor system and a hat trick of "Manufacturer of the Year". As you can see, we were absolutely beaming, but of course someone appeared from nowhere to try grab some of the plaudits!

 Thank you to everyone who took time out to vote for us this year. We really do appreciate it and it has made some very memorable times for us during 2022. We're immensely proud of them all and humbled too!

And Finally...

A massive, sincere and special thank you to you, the British railway modellers across the globe, for supporting us with purchases, pre-orders, votes and well wishes as well as constructive feedback this year. Our goal is to push the hobby forward in finesse, features, accuracy and innovations for a reasonable price, but none of that is possible without your support. You all make this possible, so thank you! 

2022 was our greatest year to date, seeing us deliver our first locomotives, grow the team further, new announcements and more models to come in 2023 and beyond. In 2023 Accurascale will celebrate its fifth birthday, and will do so by sponsoring the magnificent Model Rail Scotland, our first big show! We will be there with a new, special announcement too to celebrate this significant milestone. If you thought 2022 was action packed, just wait till you see next year...

Keep an eye on our website, our newsletter, our social media and the pages of magazines and RMWeb to keep up to date on all the news as it comes. 

In the meantime we hope you have had a very Merry Christmas, have enjoyed playing with some Accurascale toys during 2022 and now have a peaceful and safe New Year, and we will see you again in 2023!

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