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Decorated Deltic Update - February 2021

Decorated Deltic Update - February 2021

Note: This is an Update for our Class 55 Deltic locomotives. If you are looking for an update on any of our other projects, please check out our "Latest News" tab on our website by clicking here.

It's another landmark day here at Accurascale! Hot on the heels of announcing our first steam locomotive and celebrating our third birthday, we are now able to bring you an update on our Class 55 Deltics, with some very tasty livery samples for you to view.

Before we go any further, please note that these are just samples, with some details missing, incorrectly applied, fuzzy paint in places, wonky engine room windows and more. These will all be corrected and addressed in the finished models from the factory that you will receive.

We received these samples last month and assessment over colour, paint application as well as overall fit and finish of the models has already taken place ahead of manufacture.


An array of body shells as well as completed models were received from our factory for assessment, covering the full release programme from original BR green all the way to the Porterbrook purple oddity 9016 “Gordon Highlander” each featuring distinctive details as per the prototypes these models are based on.


A number of areas have been singled out for improvement, such as cantrail stripe placement where applicable, paint application and better masking, fitment of parts such as the engine room glazing, seam line reductions, inclusion of blanked off quarter panel windows where applicable, filler hatches and opaqueness of marker lights, among others! However, Accurascale is very happy with the shades of BR blue and green as well as warning panel yellows used, with a slight tweak to the shade of porterbrook purple required.


Overall the heft, bulk and complex shape of these unique machines has been captured very well, featuring complex nose and bodyside contours as well as an array of detail areas, such as bogies, bodyside grilles, various exhaust panel configurations and fan grille variations.


They also sound as good as they look, which you can see here from a previous update. We have even made some tweaks to the sound file since this video so it sounds even better, but you get the idea!


Feedback from these samples has been sent back to the factory and production will now get underway next month, with a delivery date of late Q2/early Q3 2021 envisaged.

Modellers can order any one of 17 different Deltics direct via our website, or one of six special editions via The Deltic Preservation Society, Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield. Prices are £160 for DC/DCC ready and £250 for DCC sound fitted.

Pre-order yours direct early to avoid disappointment by clicking here.

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