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41 Cemflo Varieties. Are we mad? Probably!

41 Cemflo Varieties. Are we mad? Probably!

We have finally finished our decoration for our forthcoming cemflo wagons. The cemflos may seem like a uniform wagon, and indeed they were fairly standard in decoration at the beginning of their lives, as our pre-TOPS packs reflect with their colourful Blue Circle branding. However, as they made the transition to TOPS, markings became a lot more 'adhoc', with patches, changes in positions of data and the TOPS panels themselves becoming rather less than uniform. 

We like to do things differently here at Accurascale, and one of those is to offer large amounts of wagons with differing running numbers, so you can create a large rake without the need to renumber your wagons. We sleep better at night knowing we have each wagon differently numbered in a rake, just like on the real railway. Most modellers would not have two locomotives of the same identity on their layout, so why have wagons or coaches that have the same identity too? That's why we end up doing identities for 41 different cemflos! 

Of course, that may seem like an easy and sensible thing to do. We are lucky that our factory allows us to create wagons with different numbers in these quantities. However, it involves lots of work between research and then drawing each graphic plate to reflect each individual identity, with different markings takes a long time to produce. Luckily, we sleep better at night having done this work, so we don't mind! We're also lucky to have a 'brains trust' of wagon experts with an extensive library of pictures of these wagons helping us nail the research.

We also like helping modellers out when it comes to weathering. It's true, we do not offer ready weathered models, as when we brought this up with our factories their samples were not realistic enough. However, we do make our finished items 'ready to weather', with ragged edges, chipped printing of letters and numbers added to replicate what we've seen on the real wagons. All you need to add is dirt! 

You can see the full range of the cemflo graphic plates and decide which packs tickle your fancy by clicking here.

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