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All Manor Of Excitement! 78xx Update

All Manor Of Excitement! 78xx Update

Great news! Production of our first steam locomotives, the GWR/BR 78xx Manor Class locomotives is now nearing an end and delivery is getting tantalisingly close!

It's fair to say that there have been a couple of bumps in the road since we first announced our Manors, but launching any model in the middle of a global pandemic is bound to put a few obstacles in our way. 

However, we have persevered and now we are almost at journey's end. 

In our last update in November we advised on a delivery date of late March. In that time we had a Covid lockdown at the factory in China (just when we were darkening the wheels, which then took longer to complete) we had to redesign and retool the speaker enclosure for better optimised sound quality.

Despite these setbacks, the factory has pulled out all the stops to minimise the impact on the delivery schedule. Their amazing hard work means that while the delivery date has slipped, it's only a few weeks rather than months.

Therefore, samples are now expected in April, with production completion towards the end of April. Once they are signed off by our production team, they will be loaded on a plane and flown to the UK to avoid any further delay of final delivery.

Chassis construction is almost complete with final assembly is underway which is always the final chapter in locomotive production.

Once again we thank you for your continued patience and our factory workers in China for their amazing hard work to get these here to us as soon as humanly possible. 


Several variants are sold out direct with us here at Accurascale, but you can browse the remaining range by clicking here and get your pre-order in on the remaining few!

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