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Class 37 Run Two Decorated Samples Are Here - Full Update

Class 37 Run Two Decorated Samples Are Here - Full Update

With our highly anticipated Class 37/6 locomotives now arriving on layouts across the land (and beyond!) and the last part of our first production run, the original 5 pilot scheme locos on the high seas and due in stock next month, we have our second production run of Class 37s progressing well. 

In fact they are now in production!

We recently received these decorated samples from our factory and have assessed them ahead of signing off production. We have a total of 9 diverse machines catering for multiple eras, from the 1960s to the present day making up this run, along with the limited edition model for the Heavy Tractor Group of 37714.

Before we look at the models, we have identified and made the following changes to these pre-production models before we signed off for production;

  • Buffer shanks on non Oleo fitted locos will not be silver, they will be black-brown
  • Some samples have the wrong etched kickplates, these will be corrected for production
  • The marker lights on 37140/37258 will gain their missing their black surrounds and the fit of the lens will be improved
  • 37218 has a subtly wrong bodyshell with the former boiler access panel still in situ and we have already approved the replacement correct bodyshell
  • 37422 has an rogue red fuel gauge blanking plate. This will be corrected for production 

And now to the photos of each!

Delivery for these locomotives is slated for Q2, 2024 due to their popularity and the finishing of run 1 locomotives taking longer than anticipated. Unfortunately, we are now pretty much sold out an almost all running numbers on pre-order direct, but check out your local retailer, or our website for what is left, along with a small supply of our new Class 37/6s which are currently in stock. Be quick, they're moving fast! Click below.



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