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Class 92 Delivery Update

Class 92 Delivery Update

Fantastic news! Our Class 92 electric locomotives are on the final leg of their journey, and are arriving at our warehouse W/C Nov 28th 2022!

We will follow this epic news with some equally exciting delivery news about our Mark 5 coaches next week!

Our Class 92s promise to be a whole new level in RTR British outline locomotives, with quality seen in the highest end continental locomotives at a more realistic price point.

When you see the twin motorised pantographs, the illuminated cab control desk, the wealth of detail on the roof and bogies, the stunning performance which will include our signature powerbank stay alive features, the various light modes, twin speaker set up and etched components, you will conclude the same.

These have been very popular indeed and will be a talking point on any layout, so make sure you grab what remaining stock there is while you can. Who knows when we will produce them again.

Check out Rails of Sheffield and Kernow Model centre for limited editions, our retailer network for main range and below for Accurascale Exclusives and remaining stock.



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