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Fade To Grey - Further Class 92 Decorated Samples Arrive

Fade To Grey - Further Class 92 Decorated Samples Arrive


A couple of months ago we brought you a Class 92 update featuring decorated samples of their later privitisation era liveries which seemed to go down well. Now we have received a second batch of decorated samples featuring the various styles of Railfreight two tone grey with Chunnel blue roof these locomotives have worn over the last 25 years since were originally delivered in during the mid 1990s.

Doesn't this livery just suit them so well?

Our model of 92003 represents our Dysons as per first delivered during the heady, optimistic times of the significant freight growth envisaged by the opening of the Channel Tunnel. With its attractive take on the then standard triple grey livery, but with the added splash of colour with the blue roof, just like the Eurostar at the time, they made for an eye catching sight as they came into service.

Of course, the Class 92s were born into a major upheaval to the railways, with privitisation gathering momentum. Soon various brandings were taking place offering some new takes on the classic grey livery. RFD were quick to brand their locomotives in similar fashion to their Class 47s, 86s and 90s with "Railfreight Distribution" script on each side with the addition of small RFD double diamond markings, as depicted in our model of 92022 'Charles Dickens'.

After a very brief period in BR service the locomotives found themselves with new owners. EWS took the Dysons under their wing as they purchased RFD along with various other shadow freight franchises in the mid 1990s. With the locomotives being new, and the amazingly hard wearing paint job done on the body shells by Procor Engineering when first built, many wouldn't need a repaint for many years.

As the 2000s wore on EWS did take to branding their locos in existing liveries with the large vinyl "Three Beasties" logos, as displayed by our model of 92036, which is still operating trains in this livery today.

EWS were not the only company to add their branding to the iconic grey livery. Six locomotives were allocated for "Nightstar" sleeper train duties, sadly a service which would never take off. These locomotives were eventually bought from Eurostar by Europorte, receiving "Europorte 2" Tunnel branding as per our model of 92043 "Debussy".

Our testing of the Class 92 is now complete and production has now begun, with our delivery date of Q3 2022 still in place. We have even tested our Dysons in exhibition conditions, with our preproduction model of 92001 playing a starring role on the Making Tracks WCML layout at the recent "Great Electric Train Show" at Milton Keynes, preforming flawlessly on the Sunday of the show. Click on the link below to see her in action!

Remember, we have now set our early bird price deadline and it's getting ever closer. With the sheer amount of technology and separate detail in these locomotives a price increase from £159.99 DCC ready to £189.99 DCC ready and £259.99 DCC Sound Fitted to £289.99 DCC Sound Fitted will take place on January 1st 2022. All orders placed before that date and so far will avail of the lower price, including £30 deposits. So, if you fancy one (or more!) of these overhead and third rail beauties for your layout, make sure you place your order soon to avail of the bargain of the model railway world! (Even at the higher price they represent excellent value for money, but who doesn't like saving a few quid?)

With two operating DCC pantographs with separate flywheel motors for smooth operation, Legomanbiffo DCC sounds, twin speaker set up including an EM1 style "Accurathrash" speaker, ESU Loksound 5 digital decoder, ESU powerbank capacitors for smooth running and more, all for up to £70.00 less RRP(!) than other high specification electric locomotives on the market, our Class 92 goes beyond the pinnacle of model locomotives and powers on to the summit. So, make sure you grab so much more, for so much less cash.

Order your grey beauty today, available direct from Accurascale, or check out our website for the full range.

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