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Mark 2b Update September 2023

Mark 2b Update September 2023

Great news! Our first batch for of our mammoth Mark 2 project, covering Mark 2b and Mark 2c coaches, is complete, with the Northern Irish versions now on the high seas for our sister brand, IRM. And most splendid they look too. Being a much smaller production run, they were completed ahead of their Accurascale counterparts. 

However, what does this mean for our BR variants for Accurascale? Well, they are hot on the heels of their IRM sisters, with final stages of production now under way and due to be complete at the end of September. We had hoped to have them completed now, but the sheer demand and size of the production run for these coaches has been unprecedented and the factory has been working tirelessly to finish them to the highest standards that we demand for our models.

We are due final production samples in a couple of weeks, which we will show here. Delivery to modellers will be around the Warley show in November. After that, it will be straight into Mark 2c production for both IRM and Accurascale. We are completely sold out of Accurascale Mark 2b coaches, but still have some Mark 2c coaches available. Grab them below while you still can, as they are very close to selling out too.


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