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New Model Announcement: The PCA!

New Model Announcement: The PCA!

We are delighted to announce that our next model is the CFMF PCA bulk cement wagon in 4mm. “Wait!” you may scream. “That was announced by someone else! DUPLICATION!!!” Well, don’t worry, it was indeed previously announced by Realtrack Models, and we have teamed up with them to manufacture both a 4mm version under the Accurascale banner, and a 2mm under the Realtrack brand. So, a collaboration, not duplication! Realtrack Models approached us in Spring 2018 with a view to forward the project, while also developing a 2mm variant. And we have now fast-forwarded this much needed and distinctive wagon to the pre-production phase in both scales.

Built by CFMF of France for wagon leasing company STS, the 50 PCA bulk cement wagons of the PC017B design diagram started entering service in 1982. Assigned the numbers STS10600-STS10651, 15 members of the fleet were hired to Rugby Cement for use on workings from Halling Cement Works in Kent to Greenford, Southampton, and possibly Bow Goods and Tilbury Riverside.

Meanwhile, other examples were leased to Blue Circle for use on a number of workings across the network. A further batch of 15 wagons was manufactured in 1985 by another French firm, Fauvet-Girel. Numbered STS74030-STS74044 and assigned design diagram PC017C, these vehicles received Rugby Cement livery and replaced the wagons from the previous batch which had been leased to that company.

All wagons were re-liveried in 1996 when they were leased by Castle Cement for use on workings to London – initially to Kings Cross freight depot and then to the freight facility at Saint Pancras from 2003. Since 2013, a number of these wagons have also been used on workings between Clitheroe and Avonmouth.

Our model will be released in STS dark grey, Rugby Cement and Castle Cement branding, featuring multiple running numbers in packs of three. The 4mm packs are priced at £69.95 for 3 wagons, with attractive reductions across all three liveries for rake bundle deals.

Each wagon is to the standard you have come to expect from us, with over 100 separate parts in each wagon and the highest attention paid to accuracy, detail and running quality. Ease of conversion to EM and P4 is also incorporated, as well as NEM pockets at the correct height. A factory sample has been received  and a number of tweaks and corrections are currently being made before production. As we like our running numbers we are doing the full Rugby cement rake of 15 wagons. Is that a first? Let us know!

The project is well advanced with our newest factory and a delivery date of January 2019 for all liveries has been pencilled in. Pre-orders of the 4mm wagon are available now exclusively via our website, so place your order now to avoid disappointment!

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