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Remaining Class 92 and Mark 5 Delivery Update

Remaining Class 92 and Mark 5 Delivery Update

As the year draws to a close it's time we issue a delivery update on our Class 92 and Mark 5 coaches, two models that are highly anticipated in our range!

Class 92

As of today all running numbers apart from 92010, 92020 and sound equipped version 92043 have arrived in stock. The latest information we have on these final three locomotives is that they will arrive in our warehouse this coming Wednesday (21st Dec) and we will work to get as many sent out to customers as possible before Christmas cut off. However, we cannot guarantee that these locomotives arriving before Christmas. We apologise for this delay, but will do our very best to get them out as fast as possible.

Any orders for multiple locomotives which include 92010, 92020 and 92043 are getting split out, so the in stock items will be sent today/tomorrow and then the outstanding locomotives will be sent in a separate parcel when they come into stock.

Once these pre-orders are cleared the remaining stock of these last three locomotives we be available to purchase on our website and 020 and 043 will also be available from Accurascale retailers (010 is an Accurascale Exclusive)

The two limited editions for Rails have arrived at our warehouse and are being checked before sending onto Rails, while the Stobart Rail Class 92 for Kernow Model Centre will be the final locomotive to arrive in early January 2023.

92022 and 92032 are fully sold out, while some others are sold out in DCC sound or DC/DCC ready guise and are shifting fast. 

Order yours here!

Mark 5 Coaches

Our Caledonian sleeper coaches are still with customs and we have now been advised by our shipping company that they will arrive at our warehouse on December 30th. This is a bitterly disappointing delay on the final straight for us after trying to pull out all the stops to get them here ahead of Christmas, but logistics and customs issues have slowed delivery to a crawl. Dispatch of the sleeper coaches will begin first week of January 2023.

The TPE coaches are approx 10 days behind the sleepers, and will be dispatched from mid January 2023. 

Pre-order your TPE set here!

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