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VTG Castle Cement - U

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£62.46 - £62.46
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Características comunes:

  • Paquete de tres vagones, cada uno con números y detalles individuales
  • Letras, logotipos y códigos individuales de vagones reales para una autenticidad total
  • Bolsillos de acoplador flexible estándar NEM
  • Se proporcionan acopladores de bloqueo de tensión estrechos NEM
  • Juegos de ruedas de perfil oscurecido RP25.110 con 14,4 mm espalda con espalda
  • Ruedas de disco de metal sobre ejes de metal - 12,6 mm
  • Detalles, escaleras y pasarelas de acero grabado en fábrica
  • Piezas de plástico extra finas montadas en fábrica
  • Tuberías extrafinas montadas en fábrica
  • Amortiguadores de escala completamente suspendidos de metal
  • Peso adicional para el estándar NEM de 25 g por eje

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Great wagons!

Steven S.
Excellent new packaging

These arrived in a sturdy outer cardboard box with new cardboard protective ends fitted to the main Point of sale packaging. So the wagon boxes arrived as if you brought them in a shop. Not dog eared at all.
The wagons were up to the standard of other Accurascale models and ran very well. Great products!!


Great detail, quality built

Stephen P.
Cementing my Collection

Fantastic little wagons with very high levels of detail and finesse, now added to my collection of PCA's.
Highly recommended!

Luke P.
Lovely wagons

These little PCA wagons are a cracking edition to any modern image layout. Top shelf quality at affordable prices. These are cracking little wagons with all the details, crisp printing and all different numbered wagons to run a prototypical train. They’re delivered in the classic and sturdy black Accurascale Box.

Excellent PCA Wagons

Having received notification that stock of the PCA wagon was running low I promptly ordered a total of 5 packs. All apart from one wagon all have arrived in excellent condition. Unfortunately it was missing the NEM pocket, it looks as though it was broken off but was not actually in the packet. Accurascale promptly sent a replacement part without question. The overall decoration of the wagons is superb and I am thrilled with the purchase.

finally able to get some of these,

was finally able to get some of these wagons since i missed out in the first runs,

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