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BR 24.5T HOP24/HUO Coal Hopper - O - B333955

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Caractéristiques communes :

  • Boîtes d'essieu compensées
  • Châssis moulé sous pression pour un poids idéal
  • Chaîne d'attelage métallique à 3 maillons avec crochet d'attelage à ressort
  • Roues et essieux profilés avec poches de roulement en laiton
  • Tampons à ressorts métalliques
  • Détails ajustés en usine en acier gravé
  • Pièces en plastique extra fines ajustées en usine
  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine
  • Lettrage individuel, logos et codes de vrais wagons pour l'authenticité

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Paul S.
O gauge hopper wagon

Very detailed & well thought out model which continues to be a credit to the designers & assemblers at Accurascale. It travels smoothly along the track, has sufficient weight to be stable in a long rake, I am very happy with these wagon (my third one 😃)

Peter A.
Repeat Purchase

I have reviewed these wagons a couple of times already and the best testament to their quality is the fact that I keep re-ordering more!

The running qualities are especially good for a mass-produced model and I have found the wagons run well, even in the poor track within my coal yard!

John H.
24.5 ton hopper

Really good model. Like the under frames. Just need to find enough coal to place in, and to weather them.

Lee D.
Another not so little masterpiece

Decided to increase the O gauge hopper train with 2 more of these lovely wagons..!!

The detail, build quality and overall sheer impressiveness that these models have are simply second to none....
(personal opinion of course 🤷!)

And yep, more will be heading this way soon...

BR 24.5T wagon

Great wagon, love the details and working suspension. 👍

Ian P.
cheap as chips

All very good for the price I paid using my points and the discount. A lovely model lets hope there are more on the way.


An excellent product, full of detail and has the weight. The writing is legible and no blurring of the paints. Very pleased with this hopper from Accurascale.

Peter A.
High quality entry to the 7mm market

This is my second purchase of a few 24.5T hoppers for my O Gauge layout (I now run a train of 10).
The choice of prototype was a clever first foray into O Gauge for Accurascale - it covers a wide time period, 1950s to 1980s, and these wagons were seen around much of the country in trains of varying size. The detail level on these models is superb and you can tell the model has been developed from a detailed survey of surviving original wagons.
The weight feels about right and the wagons run well when pulled or pushed around quite tight curves (48" radius). The numbering of the models is a really good idea and you can make up a train 7 wagons all differently numbered before you see any duplicates.
Overall then, I would recommend these hoppers to any 7mm modeller who appreciates smooth running, accurately modelled rolling stock. I also look forward to more 7mm offerings from Accurascale!

Steve L.

Impressed with the fine detail and finish.


Fantastic detail, lovely runner and no unsecured parts with these

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