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Class 92 Crew - Driver/Driver - Early

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Utilisant les dernières technologies de numérisation et d'impression 3D en couleur, ces figurines sont conçues et produites au Royaume-Uni spécifiquement pour la classe Accurascale 92. Imprimées en couleur. Aucune peinture requise; une première pour RTR OO Scale ! Retirez simplement la carrosserie avec précaution et collez-la en place.

  • Une paire de pilotes imprimés en 3D numérisés et produits pour s'adapter parfaitement à l'accurascale 92.
  • Livré prêt à monter,  en impression 3D COULEUR (non peinte)
  • Produit en association avec Modelu
  •  Fabriqué en Grande-Bretagne 

Customer Reviews

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Driver & Driver

Really good item puts the finishing touch to the cabs, wish the cab was easy to get out on the class 92.


Putting the crew’s in the locomotive looks a lot better

Trevor M.
Crews for locomotive

Having a crew members in the loco makes it look better than having a empty loco


Top quality item and a welcome addition.

Class 92 Crew - Driver/Driver - Early

TBH I’ve not got a Class 92 so never fixed them into one, however I’ve now purchased a few sets of this crew and fitted them into many modern locos by various manufacturers. Some do need slight modification/trimming & while I appreciate some think the colours are ‘washed’ out I actually prefer them that way as they look more realistic than brightly painted ones from other manufacturers. However, the flesh parts do seem dark so I always paint those parts to stand out better, a minor criticism is that the hi-vis vests could be more vibrant, hopefully this aspect will improve in the future. Well proportioned & look great in diesel cabs especially when lit.

John L.
Class 92 crew good positions

Having some loyalty points available I decided to get 3 sets of class 92 crews. The actual moulding of the figures is excellent offering unique stances for the crew. The painting leaves something to be desired. It is a little light on paint so I will have to touch up all of the crews particularly the high vis jackets

Alexander J.C.
Excellent Little Figures

These two guys look just the part for driver roles. Highly detailed and requiring no additional painting. They will be given good homes in my locos,


Awesome crew!

Ron J.
Great crew well painted

I have bought several crew they fit accurascale and dapol, they are obviously only cosmetic but do make the diesel locos the finished item

Graham S.
The Class 92 Crew (2 x drivers) - Early

The drivers are excellent, along with the rest of your Accurascale products I've purchased. I've not installed them yet but my Accurascale Class 37 with your '37' drivers installed, are superb and the finishing touches of your drivers' are very rewarding.

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