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FNA-D ‘New Generation’ Nuclear Flask Carrier - Teal - Twin Pack E

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Pack 5
11 70 9229 012-3 (avec feu arrière)
11 70 9229 040-4

 Caractéristiques communes :

  • Modèle de jauge OO très détaillé, échelle 1:76,2 sur piste de 16,5 mm
  • Rayon minimum 438 mm (2e rayon)
  • Dix wagons numérotés individuellement emballés dans des ensembles de deux voitures
  • Les bogies comprennent des sabots de frein séparés alignés avec les roues et le dispositif de réglage des freins ainsi que des boîtes d'essieux rotatives
  • Roues de jauge RP25-110 profil OO avec espace pour s'adapter aux roues EM (18,2 mm) ou P4 (18,83 mm)
  • Les tampons à ressort et les accouplements à vis factices sont inclus
  • Plastique super fin séparé, fil métallique et pièces de détail en métal gravé, y compris les tuyaux d'air, le volant de frein, l'équipement d'ouverture du capot, l'équipement de freinage, les pinces, les porte-étiquettes d'avertissement
  • Le coupleur Kinetic NEM se monte à la bonne hauteur avec des coupleurs mini-tension-lock
  • Feu arrière fonctionnel sur un véhicule dans chaque pack. Il sera alimenté par une seule pile CR1216 et contrôlé par un interrupteur magnétique

 Common Features:

  • Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track
  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius)
  • Ten individually numbered wagons packaged in two-car sets
  • Bogies include separate brakeshoes in line with wheels and brake adjuster plus rotating axleboxes
  • RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels with space to fit EM (18.2mm) or P4 (18.83mm) wheels
  • Sprung buffers and dummy screw couplings are included
  • Super fine separate plastic, metal wire and etched metal detail parts, including air pipes, brake handwheel, hood opening equipment, brake equipment, grabs, warning label holders
  • Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers
  • Working tail light on one vehicle in each pack. This will be powered by a pair of CR927 batteries and controlled by magnet switch

The Tail Lamp model has a battery compartment under the flask hood and requires 2x CR927 Batteries to operate. Batteries Not Included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
William V.D.
Amazing Nuclear Flask Wagons!

They not only look the part they also run well and even have sprung buffers and one wagon has an illuminated flashing tail lamp. They handle radius 2 reverse curves with aplomb. They work well. A couple of Cons. Don't use the supplied couplings they are brittle and break. One of them arrived with its tines snapped off. Another snapped whilst trying to fit it. They are made from a painted over inferior plastic, real rubbish. I had to use Bachmann couplings instead. And the CR927 batteries used to operate the tail lamps had to be ordered in from Amazon, i could not source them locally here in Canada. The couplings have cost a star!

Mark J.
Nuclear wagons

These are excellent wagons, look good and run well very pleased with them.

Ian G.
Nuclear Flask Carrier

Looks very good. Like the tail light. Overall I am very pleased with the 2 models.

neil c.
Big fan

Excellent quality, perfectly boxed and loved runner, was given some accurascale gift cards for Christmas so put them to good use

Steven B.
New Generation Radiation 2

Another lovey set of wagons from Accurascale. This time FNA-D ‘New Generation’ Nuclear Flask Carriers. My only complaint is the lack of a pre fitted battery, having to fit them yourself does run the risk of damaging them if you are not careful. Other than that 10/10.


Two brilliant models


Fantastic wagons! As always by accurascale!

Perhaps the best detailed wagon

These are the most well balanced, die cast metal wagon I have seen which is supremely detailed. Being a mechanical engineer by education I understand metal casting to some extent … the tooling used here is superlatively made. It is almost too delicate to handle even for a seasoned person. I was almost scared I would break the cover to fit the batteries. They run real smooth and are stable at the curves and points. Accurascale shipped them fast, and added the magnetic wand as a thoughtful addition… much appreciated. I got the DRS class 37 duo now to pull them in a consist formation. Only suggestion would be to make the batteries change easier by putting them in the underbody and maybe change it to CR2032?

Great wagons, reasonable price, quality product.

I bought all 5 packs of these, and they arrived in Australia less than a week after ordering, safely packaged as usual. The detail is fantastic, and the flashing tail lamp a nice touch. It would have been ideal if it was removable, but given the size of it, a fixed lamp is understandable. Having seen online reviews I was prepared for the delicate removal of the cover to install the batteries, but did find the batteries a tight fit. Also had a bit of trouble finding batteries - CR927 is not exactly an off-the-shelf item. Overall another great model from Accurascale!

Dave B.
FNA -D Wagons Pack E

Lovely wagons, first-rate quality and appearance.

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