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PTA/JTA+JUA Bogie Tippler Pack - British Steel Grey & Orange (Outer)

Prix ​​d'origine £124.96 - Prix ​​d'origine £124.96
Prix ​​d'origine
£124.96 - £124.96
Prix ​​actuel £124.96
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Le pack comprend 2 wagons PTA « extérieurs », dont l'un comprend un feu arrière clignotant (alimenté par batterie) et 3 wagons « intérieurs »
  • BSRV26793
  • BSRV26779
  • BSRV26681
  • BSRV26686
  • BSRV26760

Caractéristiques communes :

  • Lot de cinq wagons, chacun avec un numéro de course et une décoration individuels
  • Jauge OO / Modèles à l'échelle 1:76.2
  • Courbes de rayon minimum 2 recommandées
  • Poches d'attelage standard NEM avec fonctionnalité d'attelage court "cinématique"
  • Attaches à verrouillage de tension étroites NEM fournies pour les véhicules extérieurs, avec attelages à articulation fournis pour les véhicules intérieurs.
  •  Tampons métalliques à ressort
  • Détails ajustés en usine en métal gravé
  • Pièces en plastique extra fines ajustées en usine
  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine
  • Lettrage individuel, logos et codes de vrais wagons pour l'authenticité
  • Bogies BSC Axle Motion
  • Paires de roues à profil RP25.110 noirci avec des mesures dos à dos de 14,4 mm et 26 mm sur des points précis
  • Conçu pour une conversion facile aux jauges EM et P4
  • Feu arrière rouge clignotant monté sur un véhicule extérieur par pack extérieur
  • Chaque wagon mesure environ 165 mm de long

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
K R.
Another top notch 5 wagon set

Bought this 5 wagon set. The tampo printing is faultless. You get 2 outer & 3 inner wagons. This pack comes with 1 wagon having a working tail light fitted. There's a switch under chassis, and you get to the battery by lifting false wagon shelf inside the wagon. The loads you can buy are also highly recommended.

Mark D.
PTA’s Pack

The PTA release has allowed me to create a train I always wanted to do back in the 90’s with the old Lima representations. Among other workings the Grey/Orange versions worked from the quarry at Shap with Lime for the steel works at Ravenscraig often with electrics for haulage and the 10 wagons available make this possible in one go. The wagons are superb, run really nicely in a rake and the inter wagon couplings work well. There is no point comparing to what went before as the separate details and accuracy put these into a different league.

Eddie R.
Superb quality wagons

Once again the quality of the Accurascale range is highlighted with these stunning wagons. They really are up there as one of the best RTR wagons on the market. Great service from Accurascale with fast delivery and post free too! Looking forward to another run of inner wagons in the future.
Would also like to thanks Stephen and Fran for their help late last year when circumstances meant having to change and cancel some pre-orders. Nothing too much trouble for them. Customer service at its very best.

Stefan L.
Just outstanding...

Received these fantastic models recently direct from Accurascale with quick international shipping to Canada. What can you say? Just sublime in every way. The level of detailing, attention to accuracy and little add-ons like the tail lamp set a new standard for British outline models in my opinion. And the customer service by their staff with regard to questions I had, was prompt and courteous. Just an outstanding product from the new leader in OO gauge models.

David R.

Wow... I mean, just Wow! I've seen some great RTR models in my time but these are just amazing!

Simon B.

It seems a bit irrelevant to write after all the praise they are getting, but these wagons are simply stunning. Well researched and meticulously finished I think they set the standard. The fact that they are so well priced make them all the more inviting. We have waited a long time for an accurate Iron Ore tippler and these do not disappoint. Smooth running and with a nice heft to them they are top notch.

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