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VTG Castle Cement - T

Prix ​​d'origine £62.46 - Prix ​​d'origine £62.46
Prix ​​d'origine
£62.46 - £62.46
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Caractéristiques communes :

  • Lot de trois wagons chacun avec des numéros et des détails individuels
  • Lettrage individuel, logos et codes provenant de vrais wagons pour une authenticité totale
  • Poches de coupleurs flexibles standard NEM
  • Coupleurs à verrouillage de tension étroits NEM fournis
  • Paires de roues à profil foncé RP25.110 avec 14,4 mm dos à dos
  • Roues de wagon à disque en métal sur essieux en métal - 12,6 mm
  • Détails, échelles et passerelles montés en usine en acier gravé
  • Pièces en plastique extra fines ajustées en usine
  • Tuyauterie extra fine montée en usine
  • Tampons métalliques entièrement suspendus
  • Poids supplémentaire pour la norme NEM 25 g par essieu

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Great wagons!

Steven S.
Setting the Standard

Very Detailed Model, Accurascale are now setting the standard other model companies need to come up to! These are excellent models and run very well.

Carl W.
First Rate Models

As you'd expect, these are beautiful models and they run very smoothly. The bar is now set so high that nothing short of perfect is acceptable!

Adrian E.

Best rolling stock on the market

Stephen P.
Keep Pouring the Cement!

I now have all the packs of the Castle Cement wagons and for good reason, makes a wonderful prototypical rake with individual wagon numbers that you can only get from Accurascale.
Beautifully tooled, detailed and exact printing make these wagons a must for any modern image layout and absolutely look the part.
Gorgeous little critters!

Luke P.
Top Shelf Wagons

These little PCA wagons are a cracking edition to any modern image layout. Top shelf quality at affordable prices. These are cracking little wagons with all the details, crisp printing and all different numbered wagons to run a prototypical train. They’re delivered in the classic and sturdy black Accurascale Box.

Excellent PCA Wagons

Having received notification that stock of the PCA wagon was running low I promptly ordered a total of 5 packs. All apart from one wagon all have arrived in excellent condition. Unfortunately it was missing the NEM pocket, it looks as though it was broken off but was not actually in the packet. I'm sure that Accurascale will resolve this promplty as usual. The overall decoration of the wagons is superb and I am thrilled with the purchase.

Ian H.
Adding more to the fleet!

I already have 5 triple packs of the Castle Cement wagons, as they used to pass where I grew up on the Clitheroe to Preston route. With those wagons already detailed and weathered, I wanted a few more running in the fleet as the ‘new’ ones with the later logo. The detail is amazing and they run so very freely and smoothly. A real credit to Accurascale.

Stephen L.
Castle Cement Wagons - Pack T

Accurascale website images are great and so I decided to take the plunge and buy packs P, Q, R, S and T sight unseen. Couldn't be happier. The detail is excellent and looks quite robust. I absolutely loath tension lock couplers so I also ordered some Accurascale magnetic couplers as an experiment, but they are too short. So I have gone back to Kadee couplers which look good and work flawlessly. For me, KD#18 works best on my Castle Cement rake as 3rd radius is my minimum. Maybe #19 or #20 will be more appropriate for tighter radii. They were super easy to install on these Accurascale beauties. Looking forward to hooking these up to an Accurascale Class 66.

David C.
Superb modey

Bought three packs of these VTG wagons to form a small rake suitable for the size of my layout, and am delighted with the detail and performance.
Would recommend these to anyone considering purchasing them.
Would have been good to have a weathered option available, perhaps something Accurascale could consider for future releases?

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