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Stella Coal Company Chaldron Pack

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Three wagon multi-pack, NER 4T Chaldron

Pack G: Stella Coal Co. - A perfect example of how Chaldrons were kept in service, being repaired as necessary, until they were fit only for firewood. Three S&DR style Chaldrons, circa 1950.

Containing three wagons, numbered:

  • 84
  • 33
  • 50

Each pack produced has been themed by colliery, and each waggon depicted is based on photographic evidence and reference to colliery records to confirm lettering styles. Some packs contain just one style of waggon, while others contain mixed styles where research has shown that they operated in conjunction with each other. 

Specification List:

  • Die-cast metal chassis with plastic body. Weight of 9g unloaded.
  • Operates over minimum radius curves (371mm, 1st radius set-track)
  • Five different body designs, covering a time period from 1840 to 1978.
  • Three styles of wheel design; split spoke, star spoke and wave spoke, to a blackened 00 gauge RP25-88 profile.
  • Three styles of braking arrangement and brake handles, with different block types and the more complicated Londonderry clasp type brake.
  • Three arrangements of ‘bang-boards’.
  • Additional, removable ‘greedy boards’ (horizontal board extensions to the body) to the Shildon Works built Chaldron, giving an increased coal loading.
  • Scale width wire handrails, metal pin jaw coupling and wire/etch handbrake levers.
  • Eroded metal/plastic detail parts, including grab handles, door securing pins, chassis chain points and safety chains in metal.
  • Wagons connected via an all new link fine chain with Neodymium magnetic heads, connected at the wagon via prototypical cotter pin coupling.
  • Two extra NEM fitted magnetic couplings supplied with wagon packs to allow for fitting to locomotives and/or additional rolling stock.
  • Artwork features authentic colliery markings and numbers, accurate to time period modelled and based on actual photographic evidence where possible.
  • Additional research assistance provided by Beamish Living Museum, Bowes Railway and the North Eastern Railway Association.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Paul S.
Delightfully Quirky Wagons - 3

I bought these out of curiosity, mainly for display, along with the Vane/Londonderry and Seaham models. However, they are so interesting that I'm now looking for a way to incorporate them into a working layout.


What can I say excellent detail good runners . All good 👍

Daniel B.
Stella Coal Company Chaldron Pack

Absolutely brilliant, nothing else like it on the market.

David H.
Nice Little Wagons

I have no need for these little wagons but had to buy them as my Mother’s name is ‘Stella’. They make an unusual addition to my collection and as usual the quality is first class. Thank-you Accurascale.

Dave P.
Very impressed

Amazed by the amount and quality of details and livery finish. Very impressed with the magnetic couplings, so easy and efficient to use and in true keeping with the scale.

Less is more

Great little wagons, nothing else like them currently in the market

What A.T.B.
Chaldrons on the LMR

I have a rake of 9 Accurascale Chaldrons.

Firstly, they are gorgeous and look terrific behind Rocket and Lion. Very period correct. Some may want to offer the intermodal LMR coal wagons as a rejoinder, but the coal trade persisted using chaldrons! (Hint Accurascale: mechanical drawings exist for that intermodal wagon.) We also have illustrations of the navies working on the LMR with Chaldrons.

Now on to some performance. The inside bearings offer some frictional resistance beyond outside pinpoint bearings. The Hornby Lion can easily pull 15 pieces of Hornby LMR rolling stock, but experiences wheel slip with 9 chaldrons. To get the same level of performance with Lion, I must drop to 6 chaldrons. Rocket, with even less tractive effort, can only handle 3 chaldrons. Double heading Rocket and Lion is sufficient to handle 9 chaldrons but I am uncertain how many more they can handle.

The magnetic couplings are wonderful. Those who have the ferrous chains will know that the magnet will tangle up. Here is a simple trick to alleviate all of that. Get a larger rare earth magnet and use it to straighten the chain, keeping the magnet out of contact, but close enough for magnetic force to overcome the attraction to the ferrous chain.

Removing the greedy boards was an easy choice for me. Yet off chaldron, they are extremely fragile and will break. The purchaser would be well advised to decide on or off, and keep it that way. Too fragile otherwise.

John W.
Absolutely Wonderful!

The care and the attention to detail Accurascale put in to researching these wagons is only matched by the quality of the models themselves. They are not so much a model of a wagon type, but three models of three wagons, with distinguishing details that reward the patient viewer. Hands down, the chaldrons are the finest bits of rolling stock in my collection.

Steven J.
Delightful pack of wagons

Beautifully well detailed that really look the part. All in all, a delightful pack of wagons.


Amazing detail, brilliantly presented and a reasonable price for what you get. It misses out on a perfect score because of a couple of odd materials choices: if using magnetic coupling, it doesn’t make much sense to use steel for the chains and chassis as well.

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