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OO Magnetic and Fixed Bar Dellner Coupling Range

OO Magnetic and Fixed Bar Dellner Coupling Range

Great News! Following the arrival of our Mark 5 Sleeper coaches, we have been asked if the highly detailed, magnetic Dellner couplings could be had as an accessory pack to convert other models.
Well, we anticipated your every move! We have produced three different styles to cover various styles and needs.
In addition to the magnetic Dellner, we also have a fixed bar style for fixed rakes, which looks equally neat for those trains you don't wish to uncouple too often.
Finally, we have our magnetic bar couplings as per the TPE Mark 5 sets (yes, there is two different coupling systems on the real Mark 5s) which are perfect for push-pull rakes.
The pack of 8 magnetic Dellner and bar couplings are £9.95 per pack and the fixed Dellner is a pack of 4 which retails at £6.95 per pack.
Just simply slot them into your NEM pockets and couple up. These items are due in stock at the end of this month. Pre-order below!
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