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Siphon G - Dia. O.33 - GWR Brown: 2789

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Welcome to the Accurascale Siphon G, covering the 0.33 diagram, the BR(W) 0.62, the O.59 and M.34 conversions, as well as the BR Newspaper Van conversions of the O.62 (NNV) in 00/4mm scale. 

Common Features:

  • Highly-detailed OO Gauge / 1:76.2 Scale Models on 16.5mm track
  • Extremely fine exterior detail on roof and coach ends
  • Separately-applied etched metal and high-fidelity plastic parts, including handrails, brake/steam heat pipes, cabling, footsteps (with tread)
  • Fully-detailed underframe with numerous finely details separate parts, pipe runs and accurate differences between versions
  • Replica scale, finely detailed bogies
  • Blackened RP25.110 profile wheel-sets with 14.4mm back-to-back measurements, and 26mm over pinpoints running in brass bearings
  • Correct height NEM standard coupling sockets with mini tension lock couplers
  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Coach Length: 216mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Patrick B.
Fine detail

As with every item I have purchased from Accurascale this is first class.
Never a hint of derailing, smooth running and incredible detailing.

William B.
Another siphon

I already knew that this was an excellent model, having previously bought a BR maroon and BR crimson version. This runs beautifully behind Anthony Manor.

Anthony C.
Superb model

The detail is exceptional and the running quality is excellent. Magnetic couplings are a good idea as a spare. Looks beautiful behind my Accurascale Zmanor.


Wow. My 8th and 9th of these waggons. Thies time in brown livery
. I now have all liveries except the medical one and they are all great. Buy some whilst you can !!!!

Noel A.
Gods Wonderfull Railway "Siphon"

Fantastically detailed model and nicely weighted, the detail is so good that one can not use a back-to-back gauge, LOL I like the inclusion of the magnetic couplings, a well-deserved five-star!!
As an aside, we now have several of your Siphons running at the Waverley Model Railway Club in Melbourne Australia. Kindest Regards Noel Anderson

Ben S.
A new standard for RTR rolling stock.

These were very hotly anticipated by many including myself, and often when a model has high expectations prior to delivery they can fall short of what was expected even if they're a brilliant product. This however has not fallen short. If anything it has superseded any expectations (by myself anyhow). The detailing is incredible, the livery application is crisp and the right colours, the underframe is mind boggling, the running characteristics are smooth and effortless, and the packaging is substantial enough to withstand anything that even the clumsiest of delivery drivers could throw at it. My only issue was with the supplied magnetic close couplings, whilst in theory they are good and I like the functionality of them, the magnetic force is slightly lacklustre, and any minor jolt was splitting them, so I've just replaced them with some Kadee 18's to get the same effect. Despite this, the Siphon G is a firm favourite, and has fitted into my layout beautifully.

If this is a new standard within the railway modelling, it is nothing short of fantastic, and should be commended (so that others can hopefully follow suit).

More Great Western please Accurascale!

Andrew C.
A new level of quality and detail

I have the Lima version of the Siphon G back from my childhood and the difference as you would expect is night and day, the weight and quality of the new model is very good and the price is reasonable too when you consider how many old tooled models are on the market for similar money. Thoroughly recommended!

Jonathan M.
Very great model

Only ran it a couple of times but very well detailed runs well, tempted to buy another

Michael K.
GWR Siphon G

Once again a stunning and accurate model of the Siphon G, colour, detailing spot on. Fabulous addition to any collection.

Graham W.
Siphon G (Inside frame)

I have recently received from Accurascale the two Siphon G models., which had ordered from them. One of the models is in 1930s GWR brown and the other in early BR crimson.

They arrived in Sydney from Accurascale well packed and, accordingly, in excellent condition.

To my mind the models really capture the character of the inside-frame Siphon G vehicles that I have seen at preserved railway sites, such as the GWS at Didcot, and in published photographs.

The models are beautifully detailed and finished and run well. I particularly like the GWR "shirt-button" liveried example as this is the livery I have seen on the preserved examples and the model looks good with my other GWR coaching stock. The crimson liveried Siphon G in also attractive, with some different details, and will go well with my British Railways stock.

In summary I am very pleased with the Accurascale Siphon Gs, as I have been with other Accurascale models that I have added to my collection.

An outside-frame Siphon G or H would be a nice addition to the Accurascale range.

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