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55017 The Durham Light Infantry

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55017 – 'La infantería ligera de Durham'

  • Código de cabecera: alfanumérico
  • Limpiaparabrisas: dos por panel
  • Calefacción de trenes: ETH
  • Ventana lateral delantera de la cabina: presente
  • Posición de la bocina: parte superior de la nariz
  • Escotillas de caja de arena delanteras de la nariz: presente
  • Rejillas del compartimento de la batería: presente
  • Faro de alta intensidad: no instalado
  • Rejillas de ventilación del parabrisas: no instaladas
  • Hierro lámpara central superior: empotrada
  • Bogies: lanzar

Características comunes:

  • Modelo a escala OO muy detallado, 1:76,2
  • Chasis de metal de aleación fundido a presión
  • Suministrado preparado para DCC [enchufe MTX de 21 pines] o con sonido DCC de fábrica
  • Detalles específicos del período de tiempo, incluidos, entre otros;
    • Bogies (fundidos y fabricados)
    • Posiciones de la bocina
    • Puertos de escape
    • Paneles de código de cabecera
    • Limpiaparabrisas
    • Ventanas laterales de la cabina
    • Escotillas de caja de arena
    • Rejillas
    • Faros
    • Respiraderos de aire de la cabina
    • Equipo de calefacción de trenes
    • Lámparas de hierro
    • Códigos de cobertizo
  • Piezas de detalle de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, incluidos asideros, escalones, limpiaparabrisas, placas de identificación, emblemas y más.
  • Acopladores de mini-bloqueo de tensión de altura correcta con casquillo NEM, así como una viga amortiguadora completamente detallada
  • Tracción de alto rendimiento, para incluir;
    • Motor de cinco polos con dos volantes
    • Caja de engranajes helicoidales de metal para un rendimiento máximo y funcionamiento a baja velocidad
    • Disposición de engranajes para que la locomotora pueda alcanzar una velocidad máxima a escala de 193 km/h (120 mph)
    • Listo para DCC con capacitor PowerPack para energía ininterrumpida
    • Tracción en todas las ruedas y recogida en todas las ruedas
  • Paquete de iluminación completamente detallado, que incluye:
    • Iluminación direccional, DC y DCC
    • Las luces marcadoras se pueden apagar cuando el tren está acoplado a la locomotora
    • Función de faros de alta intensidad cuando corresponda
    • Iluminación de la cabina conmutada e iluminada por separado, detalles de la consola del conductor, apagado automático en movimiento
    • Iluminación del compartimiento del motor
  • Ruedas RP25-110 Ruedas OO con disposición para volver a medir a p4 y ancho EM
  • Dos altavoces de calidad con grandes cápsulas de sonido para obtener el mejor sonido posible (*en modelos con sonido integrado)
  • Topes de metal completamente suspendidos
  • Tuberías extra finas montadas en fábrica

Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido)

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Steven B.
No Lightweight

Class 55 Durham Light Infantry is a stunning model which looks and sounds great. Lots of details which you sometimes wonder if they will ever be seen by anyone, but you know they are there. Is this model better than whats been on offer before? I would have to say yes.


First class. Superb detail. Excellent quality.


Epic level of detail. Unbelievably good value for money.

David L.
can wait to have the model on my layout

what i have seen on youtube the model should be grate, the only on problem is the model is in the UK and i live aborad, but my son has the model and he will travel soon to bring me the model

Bob H.
Durham Light Infantry

Utterly perfect! I cannot fault this model in any way, even the packaging is perfect

Stephen S.
55017 The Durham Light Infantry?

First class - service, delivery and quality of the locomotive. The detail is excellent and without doubt much research has gone into the design and manufacture. A couple of parts had become detached during transit but easily rectified and a written note enclosed within the packaging to state that this can happen due to the nature of the fine detail - apologising if it should happen. Highly recommend.

Mike B.
Non sound Deltic

This is my third Deltic and first non sound loco and I’ve been equally impressed with it compared with the sound models. I do plan to convert it to sound when chips are available. A few issues noticeable chains loose at both ends, small details loose in the packaging but this is some all 3 of my Deltics had which was easily sorted, so be careful when unpacking your model as you can loose these parts easily. I like the headcode sheets as I will change this to a domino dot version.

It a really good model, highly recommended.

Mike P.
My first Accurascale sound Deltic

The loco arrived with just one tiny detail piece off and looked absolutely stunning. Well after buying a few DCC ready Deltics this time I went for a DCC sound version and all I can say about the sound is it's absolutely amazing, it's got a nice reverberation and bass to it just like the real locos. Looking forward to the second run and if you read this Accurascale could we please have D9000 TTG as run on the mainline in 1997 and 55008 in blue as 1978 condition. Thank you for producing a truly amazing version of a deltic.

CHristopher T.
The wait was worth it!

The detail on this loco is amazing! I was very impressed by the way this item was packaged too. I thought that Accurascale had sent the wrong item. I’m still getting to grips with the sound functions but most of it seems to be working great.

Richard S.
The Durham Light Infantry

I have read reviews about how good it was and how heavy and I totally agree. Model was well packed and arrived in good order. One set of steps were hanging by a thread and one other part was sitting in the in the box. Which seems about the norm. The quality is on par with my Rapido Canadian locomotives, although is heavier. Well worth the wait and the price.

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