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7814 – ‘Fringford Manor ' BR Manor Class

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7814 – 'Mansión Fringford'

  • BR Negro sin forro con gran cresta temprana
  • Chimenea original
  • Cuerpo blando remachado
  • Cortes anchos

Características comunes:

  • Modelo de calibre OO muy detallado, escala 1:76,2 en pista de 16,5 mm
  • Basado en un escaneo 3D de 7808 Cookham Manor y dibujos completos proporcionados por Great Western Society, Didcot
  • Encuestas realizadas con la asistencia de Erlestoke Manor Fund, Dinmore Manor Loco Ltd y Tyseley Locomotive Works
  • La caja de humos y la chimenea representan correctamente la condición de GWR tal como se construyó o el rediseño de BR posterior a 1952
  • Interior de la cabina completamente detallado con muchas partes separadas 
  • Chasis, placa de rodadura y cuerpo de metal fundido a presión
  • Pasamanos de alambre de ancho de escala
  • Piezas grabadas de metal/plástico y detalles a la cera perdida, incl. asideros, escalones, grifos de desagüe, etc.
  • Placas de matrícula y nombre prepintadas de metal grabado
  • Cabeceros de metal grabado "Cambrian Coast Express" y "Pembroke Coast Express"
  • Acoplamientos de tornillo ficticio de alta fidelidad
  • Amortiguadores metálicos totalmente suspendidos y tuberías instaladas de fábrica
  • Carcasas de tope cónicas o rectas cuando corresponda
  • Bloques de freno en línea con las ruedas
  • El acoplador de bloqueo de minitensión delantero se puede reemplazar por una moldura de camioneta pony delantera precisa

Detalles de la licitación:

  • Terminal Churchward de 3500 galones con numerosas variaciones, incluidos lados remachados y al ras, hornplates angostos o anchos, tres estilos diferentes de colgador de resorte y toma de agua montada debajo del bastidor
  • Amortiguadores metálicos totalmente suspendidos, tuberías instaladas de fábrica y acoplamientos de tornillo ficticio de alta fidelidad
  • Carcasas intermedias cónicas, cónicas o rectas antiguas cuando corresponda
  • Soporte de placa de advertencia superior opcional en ejemplos BR tardíos
  • El acoplador Kinetic NEM se monta en el ténder a la altura correcta con miniacopladores de bloqueo de tensión
  • Zócalo del decodificador DCC en el ténder (techo del ténder accesible por la sección de elevación asegurada con imanes)
  • Elección de las secciones de extracción: carga vacía o simulada de 'carbón'

DCC / Funciones electrónicas:

  • Motor de 3 polos de muy alta calidad con volante, voltaje de arranque bajo y entrega de potencia uniforme
  • Listo para DCC [enchufe MTC de 21 pines en licitación] u opciones de sonido DCC instaladas de fábrica
  • Las locomotoras DCC Sound tienen altavoces montados en la caja de humo y altavoces dobles en el ténder
  • Banco de capacitores PowerPack para energía y sonido ininterrumpidos
  • Luz parpadeante de la cámara de combustión (sincronizada con el sonido en los modelos DCC instalados)
  • Recogida eléctrica de todas las ruedas motrices de locomotoras y ténders

Características de tracción:

  • Radio mínimo 438 mm (2.º radio establecido-riel)
  • Chasis, rodapié y carrocería de metal fundido a presión con eje motriz central amortiguado
  • Caja de engranajes helicoidales de metal para un rendimiento máximo y funcionamiento a baja velocidad
  • Disposición de engranajes para que la locomotora pueda alcanzar una velocidad máxima a escala de 90 mph (145 km/h)
  • Ruedas de calibre OO de perfil RP25-110

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Dave G.
Fringford Manor does not disappoint. 4.5 out of 5

No a Manor was not on the shopping list as a priority but I had to see what the Accurascale Manor was really like. If I left it too long all of the first batch would have gone.

7814 is in the utilitarian unlined black but on checking the data, in Peto’s Register Volume 2 – Manor 4-6-0’s, there is a picture of her taken on 4th August 1957 in the condition modelled with its original capuchin chimney – indicating at this date it still retained its original drafting and was probably the last one in this condition until generally repaired in May 1959 so it would fit any timescale that I might wish to model. From this date it was lined green and it got a larger tender.

In other words Accurascale have done their prototype checking and have avoided a howler. I especially appreciated the empty tender with coal space and option to fit the supplied coal load moulding.

What does it run like? Embarrassingly well. It will out drag a King and Castle and probably a 9F as available at present. Your 1/76th scale operator has a tool that is better than anything else for branch line operation. The motor is smooth and responsive but the leading coupled wheel is slightly out of square on its pressed axle and there is a shimmy at the front end of about 1.5mm that is more noticeable in reverse. It is not slackness in the bearings and is a manufacturing fault that is typical of Chinese production. Sadly manufacturing at a distance means that you are reliant on the manufacturers self checking their product for quality. However you could say that the shimmy is prototypical. Anyone on Southall Station in the late ‘50s watching tanner wunners on through trains would bear witness to this movement.

Richard T.
Truly brilliant.

Fringford Manor is my second Accurascale Manor purchase. I was so impressed with the appearance and operation of Draycott Manor that I decided to buy another. I can't wait for further additions to the Accurascale GWR/WR stable.

Bob H.
Fringford Manor 7814

Currently only run-in on a rolling road where all testing worked well. Running backwards the loco moves side to side a little more than I expected (could this be a gear train issue?) but driving forward I'm glad to see this side motion is minimal. Sound levels could be louder but have not tried to adjust the level values to give a higher pitch yet. The added crew figures are great. Taking into account all the other amazing details on this loco I'm hoping this model alongside my first Manor (Draycott Manor) will prove to be an enjoyable addition to my fleet.

Raymond M.
My first

As this is my first ever steam locomotive with sound, I was blown away with not just the sounds but the looks and the way it moved.
Also the packaging was sturdy and the delivery was included in the price. Fantastic.

Alan P.
Fringford Manor

The best manor yet.

Pete F.
Accurascale accuracy triumphs again.

What an outstanding loco. High end engineering has it running so smoothly and quietly and the detail is phenomenal. The two blacks of the boiler hold your gaze for ages. Magnificent - well done Accurascale.


Excellent quality madel as always.

A great model.

Excellent loco, very pleased with it! Probably the best quality of any manufacturer out there. You cannot beat the class of solid die-cast construction, which also seems to promote a superior paint finish.

Barry H.
oo manor class engine

Looks and feels excellent , not yet run it, so far so good

Dave S.
Fringford Manor BR Black with sound

An absolutely beautiful model, packaging literature and additional fittings were up to the normal exceptional high class expected of Accurascale.

Running was smooth and faultless, the 3-pole motor is adequate but does suffer a little at super slow crawl speeds, but handles the 2% inclines on my layout with a rake of 4 MK1 coaches with ease. There is a slight issue with navigating 2nd radius curves where the length of the driving wheels with the factory provided back to back settings induce a slight binding, all other radius curves are easily traversed.
Personally the sound output could be greater or an ability to increase its output would be good, as this is swamped by track noise when moving at speed (no specific track noise suppression on my layout).

With the engine/footplate crew fitted, firebox flicker and sound on, the manor is a class above all other steam loco's I currently in my stable.

I would note that maybe optional front and rear LED illuminated lamps (independently controlled) would have enhanced an already great loco but this is something I am considering to undertake myself as I accept front lamp arrangements for differing train arrangements would be hard to cater for at factory level.

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