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D9012 Crepello

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D9012 – 'Crepello'

  • BR azul
  • Código de cabecera: alfanumérico
  • Limpiaparabrisas: dos por panel
  • Calefacción de trenes: calor de vapor
  • Ventana delantera lateral de la cabina: presente
  • Posición de la bocina: rayo amortiguador
  • Escotillas de caja de arena delantera de la nariz: presente
  • Rejillas del compartimento de la batería: presente
  • Faro de alta intensidad: no instalado
  • Rejillas de ventilación del parabrisas: no instaladas
  • Hierro lámpara central superior: empotrada
  • Bogies: elenco

Características comunes:

  • Modelo a escala OO muy detallado, 1:76,2
  • Chasis de metal de aleación fundido a presión
  • Prestado para DCC [enchufe MTX de 21 pines] o con sonido DCC de fábrica
  • Detalles específicos del período de tiempo, incluidos, entre otros;
    • Bogies (fundidos y fabricados)
    • Posiciones de la bocina
    • Puertos de escape
    • Paneles de código de cabecera
    • Limpiaparabrisas
    • Ventanas laterales de la cabina
    • Escotillas de caja de arena
    • Rejillas
    • Faros
    • Rejillas de ventilación de la cabina
    • Equipo de calefacción de trenes
    • Lámparas de hierro
    • Códigos de cobertizo
  • Piezas de detalle de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, que incluyen manijas, escalones, limpiaparabrisas, placas de identificación, escudos y más.
  • Acopladores de mini-bloqueo de tensión de altura correcta con enchufe NEM, así como una viga amortiguadora completamente detallada
  • Tracción de alto rendimiento, para incluir;
    • Motor de cinco polos con dos volantes
    • Caja de engranajes helicoidales de metal para un rendimiento máximo y funcionamiento a baja velocidad
    • Disposición de engranajes para que la locomotora pueda alcanzar una velocidad máxima a escala de 193 km/h (120 mph)
    • Listo para DCC con capacitor PowerPack para energía ininterrumpida
    • Tracción en todas las ruedas y pickup en todas las ruedas
  • Paquete de iluminación completamente detallado, que incluye:
    • Iluminación direccional, DC y DCC
    • Las luces marcadoras se pueden apagar cuando el tren está acoplado a la locomotora
    • Función de faros de alta intensidad cuando corresponda
    • Iluminación de la cabina conmutada e iluminada por separado, detalles de la consola del conductor, apagado automático en movimiento
    • Iluminación del compartimiento del motor
  • Ruedas RP25-110 Ruedas OO con disposición para volver a medir a p4 y ancho EM
  • Dos altavoces de calidad con grandes cápsulas de sonido para obtener el mejor sonido posible (*en modelos equipados con sonido)
  • Amortiguadores metálicos completamente suspendidos
  • Tuberías extrafinas montadas en fábrica

Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido-pista)

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Peter H.
Superb in ever way.

What can I say about these Deltics, by Accurascale, that hasn't already been said.
For me it's the whole package not just a great product but also 5 star customer service. Responding to my enquiries outside of office hours took me by surprise and reassured me that I was dealing with a premium manufacturer where customer loyalty was valued and not taken for granted.
Excellent, highly recommended!

Great model, disappointing service.

Great model, sadly Accurascale were let down by the courier and it arrived badly damaged. No issues at all organising a return. Confirmation return was received, couple of weeks go by with no news, emailed, confirmed replacement would be sent this week, another week goes by with no news, email again, again told will be with me in a few days. Over another week later still no replacement after well over a month, gave up and asked for a refund which was sorted no problem. If its going to take well over a month just say so and not make promises then repeatedly fail to deliver.

John W.
Fine model

Fine model of a great class of loco. Best version in model form by far

Mark D.
Another Superb Deltic

The Deltics capture the look of the real thing, very well detailed, heavy chassis for great performance.

David B.
Crepello Magic

Bought Ballymoss and Crepello and what a pair they are!
Can't say anything original about them that hasn't been already said and everything positive that has been said is all true.
The only Deltic that can live with them is Bachmann's blue DP1
Accurascale the most exciting model railway manufacturer on the planet. Well done

Josh W.
D9012 Crepello

Like all my Accurascale Deltics, an amazing model, incredible detail and great fun to operate.

David P.
Deltic Class 55 Deltic D9012 ‘Crepello’

Fantastic details and performance and the DDC sound excellent.
High quality feel well made and good value.

Tim L.
D9012 Crepello

I was very pleasantly surprised on 2 August, after all the Accurascale Deltics appeared to have sold out, and with a few at silly prices appearing already on eBay, to spot a few DCC ready versions of 55 003 Meld and 9012 Crepello on the Accurascale website which I had visited to look something entirely different (!), and acted quickly to add them to the collection. Crepello arrived two days later by DHL. Unfortunately as he exited his van, the delivery driver dropped the package. The result I'm afraid was inevitable. When I got it out of the packaging, there were lots of little bits that had fallen off and the chains on both sides, fortunately only at one end, had not just come adrift but had snapped. While the little bits and pieces that had fallen off are not a problem as a result of the excellent exploded diagram provided with each loco, the chains are another matter, and I'm not sure yet how I'm going to tackle those.
Having several of these now for some time, the running at very low speed has greatly improved, particularly after a thorough clean of all the wheels to remove the offending tiny and not so tiny blobs that were giving the effect of wheel flats. The buzzing of the speakers in the sound fitted examples I'm sure is simply down to the fact that none of the securing screws for the speaker clamps were in place, although when I raised this, Accurascale kindly offered to supply these, and I will be requesting the total I need shortly.
With little niggles when the first ones arrived, I confess I wasn't entirely sure of these at first, but having lived with them they are truly stunning models. I'm really looking forward to their 31s, and am also very keen to see how Bachmann's new 37 stands up against what will doubtless be their superb 37. Does anyone want to buy a brace of sound equipped Hornby 31s ?

Almost perfect

A good first locomotive; the detail is superb and really looks the part. However, it might just be too good: those bogie chains are very delicate; it might just be too delicate to run?

It runs nicely and the quality of the sound is up there with the best but the arrangement of the horn sounds makes it difficult to use them: the two tones are on different functions and they sound continuously making it awkward to generate a two-tone horn, or a short single-tone horn. Or it could just be me!

Hopefully the Class 37s and 31s will take that final step to perfection!

Marcus D.
Outstanding Model for the PRICE.

This is a highly detailed model and great attraction to detail.
Great value for the money compared to other manufacturers.
The model came complete nothing loose in the box the only item that was loose but still attached was one of the chains on the bogies going forward it would be nice to have one end with the buffer beam detail added from the factory as over handling can loosen some if the fitted parts.
Other than that am amazing model in all aspects running is really smooth and quite with no issues straight out of the box.

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