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PFA - DRS LLNW - Nupak Pack 3

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DRSL 92712 [Nupak] DRSL 92731 [Nupak] DRSL 92769 [2896 marrón]

Paquete de tres vagones, con cargas.


• Modelo a escala muy detallado y preciso

• Piezas de detalle montadas en fábrica (tubos de freno, faros, etc.)

• Tuberías montadas en fábrica

• Amortiguadores de metal con resortes

• Recipientes separados e intercambiables (tres incluidos)

• Bastidor inferior totalmente detallado (incluidos los aparejos de frenos y las perchas)

• Metal ennegrecido 10,67 mm Ruedas de disco de 3 orificios sobre ejes de metal, juegos de perfiles RP25.110 con 14,4 mm espalda con espalda y 26 mm sobre puntas

• Bolsillos de acoplador NEM equipados con acopladores de bloqueo de tensión angostos en montajes flexibles para facilitar el acoplamiento fijo si se desea

• Chasis fundido a presión para un peso ideal

• Diseñado para una fácil conversión a vías de ancho EM y P4

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

These wagons are absolutely stunning, the detail is amazing. Another first class wagon from the guys at Accurascale.


Beautifully fine details and crisp printing. Another excellent Accurascale product.


I am very please with the models wagon they well worth the money

Richard P.
PFA Nupak wagons

Received these a few days ago, very well packaged for delivery. Just like previous PFA wagons that I have purchased these were beautifully decorated even having the Oleo buffer spindles painted silver. The added bonus no parts had fallen off during transit, unlike some other manufacturers. In short they are a beauty of a wagon and well worth the asking price. I look forward to other wagons that will hopefully be produced in the future. FPA, FCA, FAA, ZCA Sea Urchins?

Paul D.
Nupak 3

Impressed with the overall quality of the models, 2 of the small containers needed minor repairs, packaging is first class, will no doubt purchase some more.


Probably some of the best rolling stock on the market

PFA Nupak Wagon

Excellent wagons. Very tactile, well weighted, but also brilliantly detailed. 5*.

David L.
Nice short train

Going to be expensive when I have to run these in a Top/Tail consist (need another 37 run). Nice detail. Wagon frames and excess of fine tampo printing in particular.



Reviewer avatar
John C.
New Nukes for PFAs - Pack 3.

This triple wagon set consists of the Novapak containers and is a part of the PFA wagon fleet. The Novapak containers are exquisite and are a continuation of the Accurascale nuclear stock on PFA wagons, topped off with beautiful, modelled containers. As far as I know, these are a first in RTR model terms. The shipment of nuclear materials is hazardous but strong containment is essential for this type of load. These units are superbly rendered and capture the nuclear storage units with finesse and detail. They run steadily as you would expect from the PFAs and I see no problems in running these with my Class 68s. A delightful model by Accurascale to envision these trains on a layout, as they transverse over the real network. I love the DRS Class 68 locos and with my duo, it is time to expand on my nuclear waste trains.

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