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7818 – ‘Granville Manor' GWR 7800

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7818 – ‘Granville Mansión '

  • GWR - Great Western Railway - Plain Green con G-Crest-W on Tender
  • Chimenea original
  • Cuerpo blando remachado
  • Placas córneas estrechas

Características comunes:

  • Modelo de calibre OO muy detallado, escala 1:76,2 en pista de 16,5 mm
  • Basado en un escaneo 3D de 7808 Cookham Manor y dibujos completos proporcionados por Great Western Society, Didcot
  • Encuestas realizadas con la asistencia de Erlestoke Manor Fund, Dinmore Manor Loco Ltd y Tyseley Locomotive Works
  • La caja de humos y la chimenea representan correctamente la condición de GWR tal como se construyó o el rediseño de BR posterior a 1952
  • Interior de la cabina completamente detallado con muchas partes separadas 
  • Chasis, placa de rodadura y cuerpo de metal fundido a presión
  • Pasamanos de alambre de ancho de escala
  • Piezas grabadas de metal/plástico y detalles a la cera perdida, incl. asideros, escalones, grifos de desagüe, etc.
  • Placas de nombre y matrícula de metal grabado y prepintado
  • Cabeceros de metal grabado "Cambrian Coast Express" y "Pembroke Coast Express"
  • Acoplamientos de tornillo ficticio de alta fidelidad
  • Amortiguadores metálicos totalmente suspendidos y tuberías instaladas de fábrica
  • Carcasas de tope cónicas o rectas cuando corresponda
  • Bloques de freno en línea con las ruedas
  • El acoplador de bloqueo de minitensión delantero se puede reemplazar por una moldura de camioneta pony delantera precisa

Detalles de la licitación:

  • Terminal Churchward de 3500 gal con numerosas variaciones, incluidos lados remachados y al ras, hornplates angostos o anchos, tres estilos diferentes de colgador de resorte y toma de agua montada debajo del bastidor
  • Amortiguadores metálicos totalmente suspendidos, tuberías instaladas de fábrica y acoplamientos de tornillo ficticio de alta fidelidad
  • Carcasas intermedias cónicas, cónicas o rectas antiguas cuando corresponda
  • Soporte de placa de advertencia superior opcional en ejemplos BR tardíos
  • El acoplador Kinetic NEM se monta en el ténder a la altura correcta con miniacopladores de bloqueo de tensión
  • Zócalo del decodificador DCC en el ténder (techo del ténder accesible por la sección de elevación asegurada con imanes)
  • Elección de las secciones de extracción: carga vacía o simulada de 'carbón'

DCC / Funciones electrónicas:

  • Motor de 3 polos de muy alta calidad con volante, voltaje de arranque bajo y entrega de potencia uniforme
  • Listo para DCC [enchufe MTC de 21 pines en licitación] u opciones de sonido DCC instaladas de fábrica
  • Las locomotoras DCC Sound tienen altavoces montados en la caja de humo y altavoces dobles en el ténder
  • Banco de capacitores PowerPack para energía y sonido ininterrumpidos
  • Luz parpadeante de la cámara de combustión (sincronizada con el sonido en los modelos DCC instalados)
  • Recogida eléctrica de todas las ruedas motrices de locomotoras y ténders

Características de tracción:

  • Radio mínimo 438 mm (2.º radio establecido-riel)
  • Chasis, rodapié y carrocería de metal fundido a presión con eje motriz central amortiguado
  • Caja de engranajes helicoidales de metal para un rendimiento máximo y funcionamiento a baja velocidad
  • Disposición de engranajes para que la locomotora pueda alcanzar una velocidad máxima a escala de 90 mph (145 km/h)
  • Ruedas de calibre OO de perfil RP25-110

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Tim J.
A very Grand Grandville!

I really should have bought earlier as I then missed out on a lined livery. However since finding a matching period rake of coaches Granville Manor is a perfect companion. Haven't had a chance to run the loco as yet but am confident it will be fine. The livery even without lining is beautifully applied and the whole thing has an air of unmatched quality. I'm not a rivet counter so can't opine on relative levels of accuracy between it and Dapol's version but safe to say it impresses me visually no end. Another grand Accurascale purchase . Looking forward now to the Panniers.


Beautiful model of the Manor. Personally I'm not in favour of the firebox glow which is dazzling but that's just me. It would not generally be seen on the real thing only being open during coaling. It also hesitates slightly on some of the points where others do not. On the whole a fine addition to my steam roster.

Jacob B.
The best great western loco

Absolutely stunning livery perfectly applied, very smooth runner and the sound is superb. Will happily get another one if possible

Frederick N.
7818 Round Up

Extremely impressed with the detail and the additional detailing parts. The packaging in which it arrived was also first class.

Josh P.
Amazing Steam Locomotive

This is a amazing steam locomotive as this is my first of many Accurascale steam locomotives and I love it


Excellent in every way. Just what I have to come to expect from a first class company.

A marvellous model

I received my manor not too long ago and I am thrilled with it! Excellent detail, fabulous running, amazing packaging! I recommend this model at its current price!

Nigel S.
Manor of excellence

After receiving class 37s and 55s from Accurascale I knew the quality would be evident, and it is.
Exceptional quality and smooth running, this loco and company don’t disappoint.
Buy with confidence.

David S.
Granville mano

Excellent loco Granville Manor .Fantastic detail excellent finish runs very smooth at all speeds.the only tiny problem is a part of the copper under the lip of the chimney. Is missing.
Does not spoil the model which is absolutely fantastic.

Karl Y.
A true GREAT Western

I purchased Granville Manor (DC version) GWR, after alot of humming and harring. It wasnt my first choice of livery as I usually go with BR.

What can be said about this locomotive... if I didnt know better I would swear that this had simply been shrunk to size from the genuine loco. The detail is exquisite and done in such a way that I am not panicking about damaging the loco every time I touch it. The realism is beautiful I've got no horrible glue marks or imperfections spoiling the look of a simple yet elegant livery. Not being a Great Western enthusiast I really wasn't sure how I would feel about thus once in hand... but now I need some decent Great Western rolling stock for this beautiful loco to pull! The only real issue I have is I'm not sure the appropriate stock exisists to compliment the realism of minuture masterclass in motive power.

And the running is superb as well I own two locos that may possibly run better than this and they are both Accurascale too, with my Deltic and my class 37! It can crawl it can haul, it can shake rattle and roll... (not actually shake and rattle that would be bad but if you know you know). My layout I can test my locos on currently is my sons and it's not the best laid it's for a 7 year old, this marvel actually handles my poorly laid track without a hiccup it glides over the rails in such a way that you catch yourself thinking it's the real loco the lack of the steam, smoke, smell and in my case sound are easily forgotten. I found myself mesmerised watching this loco crawl around the layout on some tight second radius curves which some of my other newish locos struggled with that are much smaller than this crossing over recycled points as old as myself and not stop or stutter even once. I then hooked it to small 5 coach passenger train (its huge for the current layout) and hit it up through the different speeds all of which felt as precisely thought out as the decoration and detail.

I had high expectations because of my previous accurascale purchases 2 locos and a number of wagons and once again I was not let down. Accurascale produce everything they do to the highest standards out there. I think this is simply the greatest steam loco produced in OO ever and it pains me to say it being GWR being a North East lad loving my North Eastern and LNER steam locos.

I'm ridiculously proud of this loco and I just bought it I hope everyone involved in making these are as proud of putting this out there as surely everyone who owns one is. I look forward to more models from Accurascale I have a number preordered and I am so excited to see what comes next! I genuinely believe whatever it is after experiencing this loco it will not only look, feel and run perfectly it will create that feeling I thought only possible seeing the real thing.

Truly THE GREAT Western loco on the market.

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