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  • Durmiente de Caledonia

Nota: las fotografías muestran las muestras decoradas, que recibirán correcciones y detalles adicionales antes de la entrega.

Características comunes:

  • Modelo a escala OO muy detallado, 1:76,2
  • Chasis de metal de aleación fundido a presión
  • Provisto DCC listo [21 pines MTC Socket] o sonido DCC de fábrica instalado
  • Piezas de detalle de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, incluidas agarraderas, escalones, limpiaparabrisas, placas de identificación, emblemas y más.
  • Acopladores de mini-bloqueo de tensión de altura correcta con enchufe NEM, así como una viga amortiguadora completamente detallada
  • Tracción de alto rendimiento, incluida;
    • Motor de cinco polos con dos volantes
    • Caja de engranajes helicoidales de metal para un rendimiento máximo y funcionamiento a baja velocidad
    • Engranaje dispuesto para una velocidad máxima precisa
    • Listo para DCC con capacitor PowerPack para energía ininterrumpida
    • Tracción en todas las ruedas y pickup en todas las ruedas
  • Pantógrafos motorizados dobles con control DCC completo
  • Paquete de iluminación completamente detallado, que incluye:
    • Iluminación direccional, DC y DCC
    • Grupos de iluminación con modos diurnos y nocturnos adecuados
    • Luces marcadoras rojas y blancas
    • Iluminación de la cabina conmutada e iluminada por separado, detalles de la consola del conductor, apagado automático en movimiento
  • Ruedas RP25-110 Ruedas OO con disposición para volver a medir hasta calibre p4 (18,83 mm) y EM (18 mm)
  • Dos altavoces de calidad con grandes cápsulas de sonido para obtener el mejor sonido posible (*en modelos con sonido integrado)
  • Topes de metal completamente suspendidos
  • Tuberías extrafinas montadas en fábrica

Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido-riel)

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Alex L.
Outstanding model

The level of detail, functionality and quality of this model is truly mind blowing. So impressed with it - definitely recommend this even if you don't model modern image stuff.

Christopher G.
Class92 Caledonian 92038

Beautiful detailed model and smooth running. Nicely detailed livery applied to the model.

Bruce B.
Not so sleepy sleeper!

Received 92038 and immediately impressed with packaging.
Have run the loco on my rolling road and on a short test track. Superb, quiet, smooth running. Well up to Accurascale's usual standard.
Now all I need is for another batch of Mk 5 sleeping cars to come along.

Colin S.
Class 92

I have purchased Accurascale wagons previously and been mighty impressed with them. I've now taken the plunge and purchased a Class 92 Caledonian Sleeper loco. On opening the packaging and paper work it is just quality. Then you get to the loco and it is just wow! The sheer quality, attention to detail even down to separate sun visors for the cab just blows you away. Performance out of the box is second to none. I am a convert. Just need some more Sleeper coach pack releases to go with it!

Greg H.
Awesome as always

Another master piece added to my collection from you guys, the level of detail is fantastic and you get so much for such a great price. Keep up the great work folks!

Philip G.
Class 92

A wonderful rendition of a classy locomotive..the livery is excellent but I have not had the time to test the loco on a track yet as I am trying to build a shed layout where I can have my previous two 92'..Beethoven and Bertolt Bract...
I am looking forward to the 37 as I watched a video online and I was very impressed


Just one word required to describe this... 'epic'... staggering levels of detail... Accurascale have raised the bar to a level that I don't think the others will ever attain...

Phil S.
Pride of the fleet

Probably the best loco in the fleet, it is a beautiful runner. The livery and overall look has been captured really well. The roof and underframe detail is fantastic. I do wish the instructions were a little more clear on a few things, and the loco did turn up with one end covered in oil. Neither is enough to detract from this being a 5 star loco though!

Brian W.
Sleeper loco

good weight very smooth good runner, disappointed with the information on website to remove the cab to install the crew. I had to go on the chat line and then the info was emailed to me. on removal of the body a number of side grills fell off

Kevin H.
Caledonian Sleeper 92

An absolutely stunning model, which really captures the bulk and sounds of the Class 92 in every way. Faultless livery application and the details are second to none.

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