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Accurathrash Class 37 Speaker Retaining Clips (Pack of 2)

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Accurathrash Altavoz de sonido DCC (paquete de 1)

Agregue un sonido con cuerpo a sus locomotoras diésel y eléctricas preparadas para DCC de precisión.

Instalación fácil, plug and play, sin necesidad de cableado ni soldadura.


  • La forma más fácil de agregar audio de alta calidad a locomotoras a escala precisa
  • Pequeño radiador pasivo ovalado que extiende la respuesta a 200 Hz
  • Diminuto diseño autónomo de 2,17" de alto x 0,94" de ancho x 0,34" de profundidad
  • Controlador de cúpula invertida de compuesto de polipropileno de 20,1 mm


  • Número de artículo - T0-2008S
  • Tipo de woofer: diseño de radiador pasivo
  • Manejo de potencia (RMS)0,5 W
  • Manejo de potencia (máx.)1 W
  • Impedancia (Z)4 ohmios
  • Sensibilidad73 dB (M/W)
  • Respuesta de frecuencia 200Hz - 20KHz
  • Diámetro de la bobina móvil11,8 mm
  • Material del cono/diafragma: compuesto de PP con elastómero
  • Material envolvente: material compuesto de PP

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

These really should have been supplied in the locomotives upon release but weren't included. Anyway, these speaker clips will hold in place the Accurathrash sound modules securely.

Reviewer avatar
Sounding Off Again.

I bought a pack of these clips to have inside my locos. That means later down the line I'll be able to upgrade my diesels to sound fitted versions. They will hold the speakers in place without to much bother. A simple place push down and clip action to fit them, simples!

Speakers clips

A little awkward to fit due to the many wires on the motherboard. May be an idea to supply these with the speaker - even better have them pre fitted to non sound fitted models as standard. Upgrading to sound would then be a cinch! Something for Accurascale to consider perhaps? They clips do what they are designed to do - they hold the speaker firmly in place.

B P.
37 speaker clips

Speaker nice and secure

speaker clips

useful part for upgrading to sound. Keeps the accurathrash speaker secure without the need for glue or tape.

Adrian f.
Class 37 clips

Excellent item


If I'm being brutally honest whats there to review about some little plastic clips... well actually everything.
No fiddly tiny screws. So sticky blob of glue or tac mess to hold anything anywhere. What an ingenious design idea by the Accurascale team. Just plug and play almost.
Why they wouldn't just be offer with a accura thrash speaker can be questionable but I can guess certain reasons or situations.
Great product great idea. Simplicity

Chris B.
Proper job.

Does the job, but no information on how they fit.


Great speakers, fantastic bass.

Christopher G.

Happy with the item and is very easy to install.

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