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Magnetic Chain Couplings (Pack of 8)

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Perfecto para actualizar locomotoras y vagones con enchufe NEM.

  • Paquete de 8 acopladores
  • Conector NEM, con eslabones de cadena de metal
  • Se unen magnéticamente entre sí

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews

Excellent product

Tim V.
Excellent product

Excellent couplings. Perfect for Era 2/3 wagons. Wagons can easily be pulled apart, but the magnets are strong enough that they don't separate when being pulled in a rake. Really like the buffering effect when the loco comes to a stop. Then the tightening of the couplings wagon by wagon as the loco moves off again.

S P.
Too long

The magnetic couplings look the part however they were disappointing on two counts. Firstly I had to glue 2 of the magnets into their holders as they were loose. Secondly the chains are too long increasing the gap between wagons more than the couplings and when the wagons are stood dragging on the sleepers.

Chris L.
Just the job!

I have the Hornby 'Lion' and 'Tiger' and I can't get on the couplings. So I use the Accurascale magnetic ones. They are perfect for the task.

Brian N.
Magnetic chain link couplings

Well made and perfect fit for my wagons.

Ron J.
Stronger than they look

The fitting in to the men pocket is 1st class, easy to put in but strong hold, easily hold a medium rake of wagons pulling at slow and faster speeds

Edward L.
Much better

I am presently fitting my rolling stock with magnetic couplings. These are really great and I would recommend

Paul S.
Connecting to the Chaldrons...

I bought three sets of Chaldrons with the intent of them just being for display but having received them I was so fascinated that I'm thinking of building a small layout around them. I will need a suitable loco and these unique couplings will be used in place of the standard NEM types.

Patrick G.
Do the job with a little fettling

I was looking for a coupler that looked better than the standard hook and loop but which also allowed for some operator interaction - mine is a small layout so the hand of god is a feature not a bug. The chain couplers really look the business. I particularly like that they are not "handed" - you don't have to worry about which pole is which when installing.

The downside, if you can call it that for a very off brand use, is that while they fit very nicely into NEM pockets, they do tend to drag on the track. This is a function of the NEM standards rather than the coupler design, and is much less of a problem if mounted at buffer beam height. This of course requires modification of rolling stock but I think it's worth the effort.

In a some cases, a few links may need to be cut out of the chain, this also helps shorten up the inter wagon distance when running. Very fiddly but again worth it visually for a small layout with only a few wagons.


I’m fitting all my Era One and Two rolling stock - Bachman’s ‘King of Prussia’’ and Clinton de Witt and several Rockets by Triang and Hornby to make hauling tiny trucks more realistic.

My only comment is not to use steel chains for the magnetic couplings as they ball -up on themselves when not in us and are then very fiddley for assembling long trains of caldron wagons; brass or aluminium chains would be better. Otherwise, just one word -brilliant.

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