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D9013 The Black Watch

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D9013 – 'La Guardia Negra'

  • BR verde con paneles de nariz amarillos
  • Código de cabecera: alfanumérico
  • Limpiaparabrisas: dos por panel
  • Calefacción de trenes: calor de vapor
  • Ventana lateral delantera de la cabina: presente
  • Posición de la bocina: rayo amortiguador
  • Escotillas de caja de arena delanteras de la nariz: presente
  • Rejillas del compartimento de la batería: no instaladas
  • Faro de alta intensidad: no instalado
  • Rejillas de ventilación del parabrisas: no instaladas
  • Hierro lámpara central superior: empotrada
  • Bogies: fabricados

Características comunes:

  • Modelo a escala OO muy detallado, 1:76,2
  • Chasis de metal de aleación fundido a presión
  • Prestado para DCC [enchufe MTX de 21 pines] o con sonido DCC de fábrica
  • Detalles específicos del período de tiempo, incluidos, entre otros,;
    • Bogies (fundidos y fabricados)
    • Posiciones de la bocina
    • Puertos de escape
    • Paneles de código de cabecera
    • Limpiaparabrisas
    • Ventanas laterales de la cabina
    • Escotillas de caja de arena
    • Rejillas
    • Faros
    • Rejillas de ventilación de la cabina
    • Equipo de calefacción de trenes
    • Lámparas de hierro
    • Códigos de cobertizo
  • Piezas de detalle de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, que incluyen asideros, escalones, limpiaparabrisas, placas de identificación, emblemas y más.
  • Acopladores de mini-bloqueo de tensión de altura correcta con enchufe NEM, así como una viga amortiguadora completamente detallada
  • Tracción de alto rendimiento, incluida;
    • Motor de cinco polos con dos volantes
    • Caja de engranajes helicoidales de metal para un rendimiento máximo y funcionamiento a baja velocidad
    • Disposición de engranajes para que la locomotora pueda alcanzar una velocidad máxima a escala de 120 mph (193 km/h)
    • Listo para DCC con capacitor PowerPack para energía ininterrumpida
    • Tracción en todas las ruedas y recogida en todas las ruedas
  • Paquete de iluminación completamente detallado, que incluye:
    • Iluminación direccional, DC y DCC
    • Las luces marcadoras se pueden apagar cuando el tren está acoplado a la locomotora
    • Función de faros de alta intensidad cuando corresponda
    • Iluminación de la cabina conmutada e iluminada por separado, detalles de la consola del conductor, apagado automático en movimiento
    • Iluminación del compartimiento del motor
  • Ruedas RP25-110 Ruedas OO con provisión para volver a medir a p4 y ancho EM
  • Dos altavoces de calidad con grandes cápsulas de sonido para obtener el mejor sonido posible (*en modelos con sonido integrado)
  • Topes de metal completamente suspendidos
  • Tuberías extrafinas montadas en fábrica

Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido)

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Chris D.
D9013 Deltic

What a machine, it's stunning, the sound file and functions are spot on

Class 55 The Black Watch

My first impression is that the Deltic class 55 The Black Watch is good value when compared to other models on the market. The finely detailed model itself is of a very high quality. Sound is excellent as is it's overall running performance. Keep up the good work guys!

Tim L.

Spotted this one on the website by accident while looking for something else - absolutely delighted as I thought they'd sold out long since. One end coupling and pocket missing but otherwise perfect - Simon is sorting the spares for me. With F5 activated and tweaks to CVs 2, 51, 52 and 116 this one runs beautifully from an almost imperceptable crawl onwards. Simply spendid.

Alexander F.
D9013 The Black Watch

Deltics appeal to many people far and wide for numerous reasons, notably for their distinctive sound and presence, but also because of the names that they carried and the famous 'Named Trains' that they hauled up and down the East Coast Mainline.

Years ago I purchased 'The Black Watch' in BR Blue livery from another manufacturer and it was one of the first Deltic models that I'd ever owned. It was a reasonably accurate model for the time and certainly saw a lot of use on my layout. As great as BR Blue livery is though, I've always felt that the earlier two-tone green paint scheme suited the machines far better (a tad controversial I know!).

When Accurascale announced that they were going to be producing 'The Black Watch' in its earlier D9013 two-tone green guise, then it was a no-brainer as far as I was concerned - It was one of those 'must have' models, and boy oh boy it was most definitely worth the wait, or should I say 'weight'! If you want an example of how to produce a really fine model, then look no further than D9013.

It's a model brimming with detail and one which shouts 'look at me'. I find myself noticing something different every time I look at it. The attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary and is testament to the time, dedication and effort that the Accurascale team have put into these superb models. If there was ever an exhibition of model railway locomotives through the years, then this Deltic deserves pride of place as a museum piece.

If and when there's a second production run, I can see further examples joining the fleet!

Alex W.

This is my 4th of these fantastic locos and the 3rd purchased directly from Accurascale. With each one I add to my collection I'm still amazed at the wealth of detail and number of intricate detailing parts fitted to these models, this one having arrived with all the "brake chains" intact and only 1 corner step having come adrift while in transit. From the offset it has run exceptionally smoothly and there is no distortion from the speakers at any speed. To be fair I've only had a speaker issue with 1 Deltic and that was rectified with a very small amount of "Black tack" under the speaker which stopped it vibrating. Once run in the crew will be installed along with the detailing kit and "she" will be put to work.
I look forward to the day that Accurascale announce a second run of Deltics allowing us all the opportunity to purchase more variants of these models in their various liveries.

Stewart W.
Class 55 Deltic

What can I say this is my third one, these models are absolutely amazing,pulling power, fantastic sounds and general overall appearance
Highly recommend to everyone

Black Watch Review

Very happy with the loco, no missing or loose parts. Looks like a Deltic should, runs very smoothly and can pull a decent load. Will buy more when they are released again in the future.
Only issue is the flimsy coupling mount, kept falling off when pulling a load after fitting a Kadee into the NEM pocket, fixed with a little glue

martin g.
Beautiful looking model

The model looks great, runs smoothly and quietly. The detailing is beautiful a little bit on the fragile side as the model did arrive with some small parts knocked off but fixable.

Stephen L.
A Truly Beautiful Model - Almost 10/10

This model from Accurascale will hopefully send out a big wake up call to all competitors. Highlights for me were the excellent packaging and the fact that it ran beautifully first time with the sound settings spot on. Paintwork is also top-notch. The only negative I have is that the crew are not factory installed which should be standard. Charge me extra, but don't make me muck on trying to take the body shell off and risk damage and especially with the way the chains are attached between the body and bogies.

Josh W.
D9013 The Black Watch

Like all my Accurascale Deltics, an amazing model, incredible detail and great fun to operate.

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