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PFA - Cawoods Coal Containers E

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Paquete 2
CAWD 92783 [RDLU 871585-8]
CAWD 92818 [RDLU 871696-2]
CAWD 92869 [RDLU 871735-7]

Paquete de tres vagones con carga de contenedores.


• Modelo a escala muy detallado y preciso

• Piezas de detalle montadas en fábrica (tubos de freno, faros, etc.)

• Tuberías montadas en fábrica

• Amortiguadores de metal con resortes

• Recipientes separados e intercambiables (tres incluidos)

• Bastidor inferior totalmente detallado (incluidos los aparejos de freno y los colgadores)

• Metal ennegrecido 10,67 mm Ruedas de disco de 3 orificios sobre ejes de metal, juegos de perfiles RP25.110 con 14,4 mm espalda con espalda y 26 mm sobre puntas

• Bolsillos de acoplador NEM equipados con acopladores de bloqueo de tensión angostos en montajes flexibles para facilitar el acoplamiento fijo si se desea

• Chasis fundido a presión para un peso ideal

• Diseñado para una fácil conversión a vías de ancho EM y P4

Customer Reviews

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Stephen M.
Excellent Detail

Whilst these are not my first Accurascale wagons I am still blown away by the level of detail offered. The three wagon packs offer good value when multiple packs are purchased although I also benefited from a sale to get additional discount. I'm very happy that the containers themselves are removable as I'm hoping to run them on a layout featuring a working coal loader. The removable containers should hopefully make unloading the wagons easier with less handling. If you don't have these yet, I hope they do another run for you soon.


Fantastic detail

Reviewer avatar
Raking them in again and again.

Additional wagon packs sure do help in making longer trains. That is if your layout has room to accommodate them. These three packs help to achieve that goal and each set has different stock running numbers. Which is better than buying multiple stocks with the same number to acquire a lengthy train. No point in going over how great these wagons look and their details here again. Get some stock, whether it is for a train of 2, 3, 6, 9, 12... etc wagons, a rake is a rake of any size bar having just one wagon. The wagons are a big hit, and I am these will sell out, just as fast as the earlier batch.

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