Siphon G - Dia. O.59 - Transitional BR (in GWR Brown): W2780— Accurascale saltar al contenido

Siphon G - Dia. O.59 - Transitional BR (in GWR Brown): W2780

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Bienvenido al Accurascale Siphon G, que cubre el diagrama 0.33, el BR(W) 0.62, las conversiones O.59 y M.34, así como las conversiones BR Newspaper Van del O.62 (NNV ) en escala 00/4 mm.

Características comunes:

  • Modelos a escala 1:76,2/calibre OO muy detallados en pista de 16,5 mm
  • Detalle exterior extremadamente fino en el techo y los extremos del autocar
  • Piezas de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, incluidos pasamanos, tubos de calor de freno/vapor, cableado, escalones (con banda de rodadura)
  • Bastidor completamente detallado con numerosas piezas separadas finamente detalladas, tramos de tubería y diferencias precisas entre versiones
  • Escala réplica, bogies finamente detallados
  • Juegos de ruedas de perfil RP25.110 ennegrecidas con medidas consecutivas de 14,4 mm y puntas de 26 mm sobre cojinetes de latón
  • Enchufes de acoplamiento estándar NEM de altura correcta con miniacopladores de bloqueo de tensión
  • Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido-riel)
  • Longitud del entrenador: 216 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Martin L.
A great addition

I always wanted a Siphon to join my GWR carriage stock and finally this model has fulfilled my heart's desire. The detail is outstanding with the separately fitted wire handrails and other fine details. I could no have wished for a better model.


Stunning model.....

Siphon G - excellent model

Accurascale should be applauded for continually producing as many variants of the prototype as is practically possible 😊


Superb model

David W.
Beyond expectations

Impossible to criticise such a superb model. Designed and built to an incredibly high standard. My ancient Airfix Siphons can now be relegated to secondary duties! Siphon H next, please.

Andrew M.
Siphon G GWR transitioning to BR brown livery

Superb coach fully detailed in GWR livery transitioning to BR can be used with several different locos the underside is also highly detailed nice corridor gangways made of durable rubber look great comes with a detailing packwhich includes an alternative e coupling for bringing coaches closer together superb coach will be getting more of these

Nigel B.

Siphon G - Dia. O.59 - Transitional BR (in GWR Brown): W2780

Ray C.
A beautiful model, well packaged but….

When it came to running I had two problems. The first was the bogies were too tight and it derailed on certain curves. This was rectified by removing the bogies and making the centre hole a little bigger with a file (as per Sam’s Trains review). The second issue was some random squeaking of the wheels when the siphon was run at a faster but not ridiculous speed. I lightly oiled the wheel bearings and this helped. Now enjoying the model on my layout but was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t RTR from the box.

Michael H.
Amazing model

I am well impressed with this model, I didn't realise that the whole of the underneath is metal. I would like to buy more but I just don't have the funds to do that at the moment.

Devon A.
The Mind Blowing SIPHON G

I thought that Bachman's auto trailer was pushing at the limits of at the limit of fidelity. Now Accuscale have gone and taken things even further. The detail in the mouldings and decoration is just mind blowing. There may not on the face of it be much decoration to get worked up about, but this is the first time that I have seen the mark for the brake release strings reproduced on r-t-r offering. (That is the strings to release the vacuum from the brake cylinder to allow movement with out coupling up the brake pipe or when changing to the lower vacuum of a non GW loco.)The remainder of the production just follows this attention and level of finesse and detail

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