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Siphon G - Dia. O.62 - BR Rail Blue: W1023

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Bienvenido al Accurascale Siphon G, que cubre el diagrama 0.33, el BR(W) 0.62, las conversiones O.59 y M.34, así como las conversiones BR Newspaper Van del O.62 (NNV ) en escala 00/4 mm.

Características comunes:

  • Modelos a escala 1:76,2/calibre OO muy detallados en pista de 16,5 mm
  • Detalle exterior extremadamente fino en el techo y los extremos del autocar
  • Piezas de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, incluidos pasamanos, tubos de calor de freno/vapor, cableado, escalones (con banda de rodadura)
  • Bastidor completamente detallado con numerosas piezas separadas finamente detalladas, tramos de tubería y diferencias precisas entre versiones
  • Escala réplica, bogies finamente detallados
  • Juegos de ruedas de perfil RP25.110 ennegrecidas con medidas consecutivas de 14,4 mm y puntas de 26 mm sobre cojinetes de latón
  • Enchufes de acoplamiento estándar NEM de altura correcta con miniacopladores de bloqueo de tensión
  • Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido-riel)
  • Longitud del entrenador: 216 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mark T.
Superb quality

This is my second Siphon purchase from Accurascale. The models are a delight. I can just about remember seeing them in Western Region consists when I was kid. Usually on parcels workings or to move parts between depots. They were quite humble but became essential forms of transport for the railway and were quite versatile. They could crop up in any working, and that means they’re great for modelling.

Siphon G

As always, good detail, good runner

John K.
Siphon G BR Blue

Another superb rendition, great detail and finesse. Well done AS.

Douglas J.
Siphon G Diagram 0.62 W1023

I can only add to the numerous positive comments made elsewhere about this superb parcels van. The level of detail is absolutely stunning for the price.
One slight criticism, which is purely personal, is that it is very awkward to convert it to EM or P4 gauge, though it was made quite clear in the promotional literature beforehand that it was not specifically designed to enable this, unlike some of your previous models. As I say, this is purely a personal observation and is not intended to be a criticism.

Robin P.
Syphon G

Superb model. Fabulous details. Glad I got one for my collection! Brilliant!

Really wonderful Siphon G's

Really wonderful Siphon G's modelled to such a high standard. We have long awaited a Siphon G model of this level of accuracy. How about a Fruit D next?

Charlie B.
I love this iconic coach

A great leap forward for this iconic coach that puts all previous versions in the shadows. Well done Accurascale. Regards Charlie.


I purchased one of the blue ones, when I reviewed it I said I would purchase every other blue version. This is one of those additional six!
Superb. I love the attention to detail by offering the various diagrams from the off. If this had been a red or blue box company we would never get alternative diagrams or at least wait years for modification to the moulds.
Accurascale are setting the standards and the bar is getting ever higher for other manufacturers to reach.

Tony S.
O.62 Siphon G

Superb model - one of the best RTR ever produced.

First Accurascale wagon

My first Accurascale wagon. And wow, what a wagon. Arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Detail is stunning. Well done Accurascale

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