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HAA - HOP AB - Freight Brown - Pack 2

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Prix ​​d'origine
£62.46 - £62.46
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Tel que construit (HOP AB)

  • 1965-1985

  • Numéros de wagon
    • 350059
    • B 354016
    • 356335

Modèle de jauge OO très détaillé, échelle 1:76,2 sur piste de 16,5 mm
* Rayon minimum de 438 mm (2ème rayon défini)
* Poids minimum de 40 g
* Châssis moulé sous pression pour un poids idéal
* Intérieur détaillé avec rivets, encadrement, cerclage et cornes de porte profilées avec précision
* Roues de jauge profil RP25-110 OO avec patins de frein séparés alignés avec la bande de roulement
* Tampons métalliques à ressort et accouplements instantanés factices
* Super fin pièces en plastique, incl. tuyaux d'air, fers à lampe, loquets de sécurité, fermoir et freins à disque, équipement de commande de porte de trémie, etc.
* Détails en métal gravé, incl. levier de frein, plaques de chassis, etc.

De nombreuses différences individuelles entre les types de wagons
* Trois styles de carrosserie : tel que construit, réaménagé et CDA
* Deux styles de la porte de la trémie : motif en " X " sur les variantes au charbon et motif en " faisceau droit " sur le CDA Deux styles de couvercles d'équipement de commande de porte, avec certains styles plus récents proposant des versions "mix and match" !
* Deux styles de tampon à ressort : Oleo (variantes à charbon) et à usage intensif (CDA)
* Trois variantes de cadre de châssis différentes pour les versions HAA, HDA et CDA
* Plusieurs configurations de conduites de frein à poutre tampon
* Trois variantes de roues différentes : boulonnées frein à disque, frein à disque simple et standard (frein à fermoir)
* HBA/HDA présentent des modifications correctes de l'équipement de fonctionnement de l'étrier de disque de frein, un cylindre pneumatique plus grand supplémentaire, des leviers de changement vide/chargé et un frein monté sur la semelle distributeur
* Le CDA comprend correctement un grand cylindre pneumatique d'extrémité et un distributeur de frein monté au-dessus de la semelle, des boîtiers de ventilateur d'extrémité, un toit très détaillé avec une couverture en toile texturée et des poignées de commande montées sur le châssis

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
HAA Wagons

Wonderfully detailed wagons with excellent running quality for a great price! What more could you ask for. Great work Accurascale.

Neil A.

Another superlative product from Accurascale. Captures the prototype perfectly and just needs my weathering palette out to complete before service on the layout. I have now 6 sets of 3 of these, and will aim for more to be hauled by Cardiff or Landore based class 47s rumbling through my Bristol based layout from South Wales to Didcot power station. Amazing value for money too - keep up the good work Accurascale.

Michael P.

This is my second pack of Merry Go Round hoppers and I’m delighted with them. Living within earshot of them for decades, they were an integral part of my life. I’m a long way off a rake of them. They are beautifully detailed, but I would like to see them with the oddity of the wheel sets having disc pads on one side and three hole disc on the other, something I was not aware of for years. In all though, an excellent model.

Douglas B.
HAA - HOP AB - Freight Brown ... Excellent

These wagons are first class. I've bought all four sets. Excellent.


Excellent detail and a nice weight help these wagons run freely.

Owen G.
Absolutely fantastic!

I first bought a pack and of these earlier this year and was blown away by the amount of detail on them and instantly wanted more as everything about them was up to the best standards and for the price as well it’s a no brainer. Can highly recommend these to anyone who is thinking of getting them, they trump all other manufacturers in my opinion with the detail not just on the model but the separately fitted parts you can put on as well. 5/5 for me definitely will be getting more!

A T.

, with Having waited a while to get a few of these wagons. I can say that the wait was worth while. They are true representation of the real thing. They capture the real thing in every little detail. Having worked on the real thing when an apprentice they capture a lot of the detail missed by outer manufactures with the expiation of the rust, grease and coal dust. Just need to get them weathered now.

Lovely Wagons but - arrived damaged and part missing

I would love to give the MGR hoppers 5 stars as they look marvellous and run well, however they usually average at least one part that needs re-attaching per box hence only 4 stars. In this particular case not only did 2 wagons need parts re-attaching (easy Superglue job) but for one wagon one part was missing completely and both the hopper end supports arrived broken and loose, all within a totally undamaged box. This appears to be factory damage. The quality of a company is how it responds when things go wrong - Accurascale cannot be faulted here- they have already forwarded me the missing part for a previous MGR delivery, and I am now awaiting the replacement parts for this one as I write - so in anticipation of a satisfactory outcome, 5 stars for their so far excellent support (Well done Simon ).

Tim L.

These run so well and look the business that it's been impossible to resist a few more packs - stunning model at an impressive price.

Great Product

This is one of the best wagons i have ever seen

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