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HOP21 - BR Grey - Pack C

Prix ​​d'origine ¥17,200 - Prix ​​d'origine ¥17,200
Prix ​​d'origine
¥17,200 - ¥17,200
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Cet article est en précommande, avec une date de livraison prévue de Quarter 2, 2025

Pack C

Original 5-rib body style with roller bearing and grease axle boxes. BR grey livery with HOP21 markings.




Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track:

• Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
• Weight 35g minimum
• Die-cast chassis for ideal weight
• RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels with separate brake blocks in line with tread
• Sprung metal buffers and dummy instanter couplings
• Super fine plastic parts, incl. brake gear, lamp irons, handrails, hopper door operating equipment, etc.
• Removable, Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers provided with scale Instanters included
• 2mm diameter axles that are 26mm over pinpoints

Numerous individual differences between wagon types:

• Two body styles: as built 5-rib with end plates and rebodied 2-rib with end supports
• Rebuilt bodies can either be Fitted or Unfitted with vacuum brakes
• 4 different patterns of axle box. 2x oil and 2x roller
• Two different chassis frame variants across both body versions
• Early full height centre rib option on 5-rib body style

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