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PFA - Cawoods Coal Containers B

Prix ​​d'origine ¥12,100 - Prix ​​d'origine ¥12,100
Prix ​​d'origine
¥12,100 - ¥12,100
Prix ​​actuel ¥12,100
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CAWD 92713, CAWD 92746, CAWD 92750

Spécifications :

• Modèle à l'échelle très détaillé et précis

• Pièces de détail montées en usine (conduites de frein, fers à lampe, etc.)

• Tuyauterie montée en usine

• Tampons en métal à ressort

• Conteneurs séparés et interchangeables (trois inclus)

• Sous-châssis entièrement détaillé (y compris la timonerie de frein et les cintres)

• Roues à disque à 3 trous en métal noirci de 12,6 mm sur essieux en métal, ensembles de profils RP25.110 avec dos à dos de 14,4 mm et 26 mm sur des points précis

• Poches de coupleur NEM équipées de coupleurs à verrouillage de tension étroits sur des supports flexibles pour faciliter le couplage fixe si vous le souhaitez

• Châssis moulé sous pression pour un poids idéal

• Conçu pour une conversion facile en voie à écartement EM et P4

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
mike c.
Containing the Good Stuff

Superb models that allow bulk flow or short working modelling.

Get them and the get some more !

L D.
Excellent quality

From South Wales, the North East and the East Midlands these wagons operated to the North West of England. Accurascale have done an excellent job in recreating them in 4mm scale. Sturdy die-cast chassis with a plastic lightweight container.

Robert C.
lovely pfa

well detailed nice weight

James S.
PFA Coal Containers

So I am a bit surprised that Accurascale thinks that I bought these wagons 18 days ago when it is something in the region of 18 months ago. Must like the stock taking system easily confused!

So the PFA Cawoods Coal Container.... What can be said about it then!
The wagon is good its solid the wagons die-cast chassis is nice and heavy and that is just what the wagon needs. This was one of the earlier products when nothing would be compromised and that really shows in the build quality the wagons dimensions are correct and the body side printing on the chassis is executed well and is legible.

The Cawoods container itself is again executed really well. With the colours and printing showing no fuzzyness just clean crisp tempo printing and the correct shade of yellow for the box. The plastic is very thin and a little fragile but this is like most accurascale products the HUO and JSA Sliding hoods a prime example you just have to look at those and bits fall off in the box! The container tho compaired to the products mentioned even if the plastic is a bit thin is quite sturdy and copes well to being handled and weathers well when attacking it with paints and brushes.

I have given it a 4 start rating as it is a good all round model a cracking 4 wheeler that does what it says on the box.

Eric C.
Six star models

As with all the accurascale items they are second to none,this first batch is gone but dont miss the re run,if they are for your era you will be sorry.

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