Manor Delivery Update May 2023— Accurascale Léim ar ábhar
Manor Delivery Update May 2023

Manor Delivery Update May 2023

There is an age old saying; "It has to be right" and we agree with it wholeheartedly. It's why we put our heart and soul into every single model we have put in an Accurascale box over the last five and a half years. 

It has got to be right.

Our lovely, gorgeous looking Manors have been an amazing development journey for us. We learned all about creating steam locomotives. We've reached new modellers who believe that "diesel won't do" and steam is king, especially when it comes to God's Wonderful Railway. 

We want to make an impression with steam modellers the way we have with diesels. This is why we have pushed for largely diecast construction, detail variances across the fleet, offering Manor enthusiasts all of the choice, and push steam digital sound to a new level. 

The latter part of this saw us record a real locomotive with multiple microphones and working the locomotive hard, as Hornby magazine documented in the below video.

The factory sound fitted to the model sounded magnificent in testing, and our multi speaker set up demonstrated a real presence and clarity of the real locomotives.

Some subtle tweaks were made to further enhance this, and the factory sent us a sample demonstrating the updated sound for production models. Sadly, the wind was taken completely out of our sails. It was almost whisper quiet, and absolutely not as signed off.

So, out with the screwdrivers. Let's see what went wrong.

Thankfully, we found a way after much investigation. We have altered the speaker design and ensured that the finished models will now sound as good as they should be. Of course, it has taken time to resolve this issue, and in the meantime the production lines in China were halted while the issue was resolved. This naturally added time to the delivery date at the last hurdle. Yet again, we apologise for this slight delay.

But, it has to be right. We will always stick to that mantra.

We are pleased to report that the production lines have since recommenced and we are in the final days ahead of delivery. Production samples are due with us next week, and once we sign off on them then delivery (via air to mitigate against any further delays) will take place, seeing arrival in stock at the end of June at our warehouse.

With Siphons just arriving, as well as Class 37s, we are keeping our warehouse flat out busy. The Manors will soon be following them getting wrapped and shipped to your retailer or direct to your door. If you want to join in, we still have limited supplies available direct via our website on some running numbers. Place your pre-order below:

Pre-order Your Manor Right Here!

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