Fitting your Accurascale 'Manor' Crew Rach gu susbaint
Fitting your Accurascale 'Manor' Crew

Fitting your Accurascale 'Manor' Crew

You're new 78XX Accurascale Manor locomotive has arrived and with the simple addition of our UK-made GWR 'Manor' Driver/Fireman packs, you can enhance your model even further. 

Step 1: Unpack your figures and check all bodily features are still attached. 

Step 2: Using a pair of tweezers, it's a good idea to have a dry run with the fitting of your crew before getting the glue out. In this instance, the driver goes in from the open cab, while the fireman is best positioned via the side window.

Step 3: With the test fitting complete, it's time to glue the crew in place. We'd recommend PVA glue or if you're more confident, Super glue. 

Step 4: Apply the glue to the contact points on the figures, If standing apply to the feet and if sitting to the driver's seat. 

Step 5: Once in place, check you're happy with how the crew are positioned and keep checking back while the glue drys. 

Now all thats left to do is enjoy your new Locomotive and crew on your layout! 

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