KUA Nuclear Flask Carrier Twin Pack— Accurascale Rach gu susbaint

KUA Nuclear Flask Carrier Twin Pack

Iad uile air an reic
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£133.29 - £133.29
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Iad uile air an reic
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Pasgan de dhà chairtean flasg niuclasach KUA ann an OO.
2021 Iris Hornby ‘Carbad as Fheàrr na Bliadhna’ ann an OO
Chaidh na carbadan drùidhteach seo a thogail le Bombardier/Prorail of Wakefield ann an 1998 agus chaidh an dealbhadh gus connadh niuclasach caithte a ghiùlan bho bhàtaichean-aigeann niùclasach a’ Chabhlaich Rìoghail bho na h-ionadan aca ann an Devonport agus Rosyth gu Sellafield airson an toirt air falbh agus mar as trice air an ruith le locomotaibhean Clas 37/6 le ceann dùbailte. (ri fhaighinn cuideachd bho Accurascale an seo)
  • Modail sgèile fìor mhionaideach, ceart
  • Pàirtean mionaideach air an uidheamachadh le factaraidh (pìoban breic, iarann-lampa, msaa)
  • Mion-fhiosrachadh meatailt eitse le factaraidh far a bheil feum air
  • Pìob obair-lannsa
  • Bufairean meatailt sprung
  • Fo-fhrèam làn mhionaideach
  • Cuibhlichean diosc meatailt dubh 12mm air tuaghan meatailt, seataichean ìomhaigh RP25.110 le 14.4mm air ais gu druim agus 26mm thairis air puingean-pin
  • pòcaidean càraid NEM air an uidheamachadh air sreapadairean 'kinematic' le cuibhlichean glas teannachaidh cumhang air an toirt seachad
  • Ioma phàirtean chassis die-cast airson cuideam air leth thairis air tuaghan
  • Fad Wagon, bufair gu bufair 325mm (650mm airson paidhir chairtean)

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Anthony W.
Extremely well detailed

This completely lived up to my expectations, the detail is amazing and it looks fantastic when running on the layout. Worth every penny.

Stephen G.
KUA Quality

I have literally just run the twin set as I am rebuilding my layout. The pair have negotiated six short radius Peco points on a bend without any difficulty. Great super detailed models.


very nice set at a very good price, keep it up and thank you, may the future be good.

Simon F.
Utterly stunning

These are magnificent models. With such a long service life, you’ve got quite a wide range of locos to choose from and still be representative. As with most DRS subjects, you’ve also got a great opportunity to refine your double-heading or top and tailing too. That said, just coupled to a DRS 66 looks spectacular! They are reassuringly heavy, but this only adds to the way that they move; just trundling around seems better than main line speed. The detail as many have observed is outstanding; I could stare at these for hours. I guess lots of us are yearning for a pair of escort coaches now…….

Craig W.
Great model

Great model of a unique and unusual prototype. Well made and accurate

Danny I.
KUA nuclear flask wagons

By far the best accurascale product to date, purchased mine from rails of Sheffield as it was sold out here at accurascale although quite pricey but well worth every penny as it looks absolutely stunning on my layout fantastic weight to them and extremely highly detailed 10 out of 10 top marks

Great Detailed Models

Just received my KUA wagons and they are super detailed and look fantastic on the layout. Great product!

Richard B.
KUA Nuclear Flask Wagons

Very high Quality model very pleased better value than the larger model company’s Products Hornsby and Bachman?
Waiting for the Deltic which I expect will be brilliant, if these wagons are anything to go by I hope you continue to produce these high quality products.


At the risk of coping everybody else. The product is amazing quality. Weight, colour, running and detail. It's got it all and some. Cant wait for the rest of the products I've ordered

Amazing detail

As I'm still in the process of designing my next layout, I've only taken them out of the box to have a quick look.

Postage to Australia was very fast (surprisingly so), external packaging was excellent, and the actual box containing the wagons is fantastic! The only minor issue is that the two plastic halves of the inner shell took a bit of force to separate, bending somewhat in the process. This does not appears to have affected the wagons at all.

The wagons themselves are very heavy - very heavy indeed, but due to their free-running wheels should not be an issue for a reasonable loco to haul around.

The detail is amazing, from the underframe, decals, bogies, safety railings - these would be a great addition to any layout.

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