Mark 2b Edges Closer - Update July 2023— Accurascale Rach gu susbaint
Mark 2b Edges Closer - Update July 2023

Mark 2b Edges Closer - Update July 2023

Our next coaching stock to join the range following the lovely Mark 5s and our Siphon Gs will be our hotly anticipated Mark 2B coaches. 

Never before done to a high standard in OO/4mm, the Mark 2b coaches have been in huge demand since we first announced them to the point of selling out some months ago.

A joint venture with our Irish outline brand IRM, we covered the specific tooling required for the cross-border 'Enterprise' trains which were operated by NIR from the early 1970s until the late 1990s. 

Production has been progressing well across coaches for both ranges, with the NIR coaches from IRM in the final stages of production and will begin shipping from the factory in July.

The BR variants are not far behind this, with them currently at the painting stage. These will be complete in August and will arrive at our warehouse in the latter part of September. 

In further good news, we have received the first decorated samples of our BR Mark 2c coaches in recent weeks and are currently assessing them before greenlighting production. Look out for a look at them in all their painted glory in the coming weeks.

We are fully sold out on Mark 2b coaches, so check our retailer network for availability. However, we still have availability on our Mark 2c coaches. Pre-order below!

Pre-Order Your Mark 2c Coaches Here!

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